I have had others question me, "why research your family tree, nobody cares about it anyway?" If such things have been said to you, read on McDuff!

            On January 28, 2013, I received an email from Julie Ellis. We last corresponded November 27, 2010 regarding Worden Southard, her grandfather whom we share. Below is an excerpt from that email . . .
            "I apologize to say that i don't know if i had told you that between your website and ancestry.com, I was finally able to complete the family history for my father. Because your work provided the missing link in the information i was seeking, i was able to connect my father with his siblings that he never knew he had nor had met. Shortly after his 70th birthday, my father got to meet his 4 new sisters and is thrilled to finally know what happened to his father. Everything went so well with his new sisters, that in fact, they met my dad's mother along with the siblings he's had all of his life.
            Thank you for the work you are doing and God bless.
Julie Ellis"

            Julie, words cannot express the honor you have bestowed upon Ancestral Archives, thank you so much!
            So, for those who have felt discouraged due to similiar negative remarks, I encourage you to keep up the good work! YOUR RESEARCH IS IMPORTANT, IT DOES MATTER and SOMEONE DOES CARE!