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            Many Internet providers offer server space with their accounts to be used for a web site. Most of you are paying for this service but not utilizing it. If you don't know if your Internet provider allows server space with your account, contact them and ask. They will also be able to give you your address if server space is available. There are also places out in cyberspace that provide free space for maintaining web sites.
            For those of you interested in participating in a genealogy network welcome, your time has come! A link will be added for the page(s) you want included on the Ancestral Archives Society. All you have to do is place your information in the form of a family page(s), obtain a location for your web site, upload your files to your web site, then contact your administrator who will provide your link . . . it's that easy!
            This society can only be successful with everyone's cooperation. If you are not HTML savy, that's ok as help is available! So, those of you who have HTML experience and wish to help, please contact the Network Administrator to let him know you are able to assist. This may even go as far as helping to code the information for a relative so they are able to participate. Also if you have any ideas to improve the Ancestral Archives Society, please feel free to contact Dave to discuss them. I am always looking for better ideas. Periodically check back to make sure new guidelines have not been added or changed. Hey, why not sign up with ChangeDetection located at the top of this page to be notified each and every time anything on this page changes!
            Personal contact information for ALL associates will be kept confidential excluding links to email addresses on web sites. This information will never be shared publicly, sold, publicized, etc. It will only be used in the administration of this site and does not pertain to genealogical research (see our Privacy and Sharing policies).

To better understand my terminology here are a few definitions:
  1. Network Administrator
    1. Maintains the anchor site "Ancestral Archives".
    2. Provides links to other Family Administrators. This also requires him to adhere to the requirements of an Administrator and Family Administrator.
    3. Oversees all disputes between members and provides the final decision whether anybody agrees with the decision or not.
      1. The Network Administrator will not entertain arguments regarding his decisions. However if one wishes to discuss the matter in a rational tone, please feel free to email the Network Administrator.

  2. Administrators
    1. All Administrators MUST keep a current list of all of their Family Administrators names and email addresses as well as the address to the page(s) linked to the Ancestral Archives Society.
      1. All Administrators MUST report all new associates information to the Network Administrator by submitting the New Associate Form.
    2. All Administrators MUST keep their site current at all times. The reason for this is an outdated site quickly becomes untrustworthy rendering it useless.
    3. All Administrators agree to provide links to other relative's sites and periodically verify the links provided are in proper working order and adherence to all guidelines are maintained.
      1. All pages not directly located on your site must open in it's own window.
      2. All Administrator will link a new associate's ancestor nearest to them which is found on the Ancestral Archives Society.
      3. All pages that have links to external pages (pages not on your site) must have an email link requesting a visitor report any broken links on that page.
    4. It is STONGLY recommended to include a ChangeDetection sign up at the top of all "family pages" to enable visitors to sign up for notification when a page changes. It also helps to advise others of any additions or corrections which are made.
    5. All Administrators have the obligation and right to remove any link that the member does not comply with these guidelines. In the event a link needs to be removed, see the Link Removal page.

  3. Family Administrators (Curator) - If you have a site linked here, you too are a Curator!
    1. To begin your association, simply contact the Administrator who displays your ancestor on their site linked to the Ancestral Archives Society. If you need assistance in coding your pages, visit the "Obtaining Assistance" section below.
      1. You will need to contact you Internet provider to obtain the location where you will store your .html files on their server (Your Administrator will want this information to code the pages for you as well as create the proper links).
      2. If you already have a family page(s) for your family and wish to link to our network, you will need to provide the address of the page(s) being linked to your Administrator.
    2. All new Family Administrators must contact the Network Administrator, Dave Lehman and give your name, email address, site address. This way you can be reached if needed.
    3. All Family Administrators MUST keep their site current at all times. The reason for this is an outdated site quickly becomes untrustworthy rendering it useless.
    4. All Family Administrators are required to include the following mandatory links on their page(s) that are linked to the Ancestral Archives Network.
      1. An email link so others may contact you.
      2. A link to the Members page ( This way anybody else who may want to join The Ancestral Archives Society will be able to access this page. Remember this link needs to open in a new window as it isn't part of your site.
      3. A link, back to your administrator's page(s) where your link(s) have been placed. It might be a good idea to place this link in the ancestor line - "(Harry3, Dick2, Tom1)"
      4. In the event a link needs to be changed, it's Family Administrator must notify their administrator as well the Network Administrator and include:
        1. The new location for the page,
        2. The name of the file for the link,
        3. The date the move will transpire.
    5. It is STONGLY recommended to include a ChangeDetection sign up at the top of all "family pages" to enable visitors to sign up for notification when a page changes. It also helps to advise others of any corrections which are made.
    6. If a Family Administrator wishes to have their link removed, please see the Voluntary Removals.
Top Definitions Guidelines Obtaining Assistance Hosting
  1. To participate in the Ancestral Archives Society, all guidelines listed below must be adhered to or your link will be removed. By participating, you agree to all of these guidelines. Remember, this is a family site that will be view by people of all ages.
    1. First and foremost, any site linked to our society found to support, encourage or display sexual content, nudity, defamation, hatred, racism, violence, Drugs/alcohol use, abuse of others/animals or contain links to the same will be removed IMMEDIATELY and permanently banned without warning.
    2. Any Identifying information regarding any living individuals will not be displayed on the Ancestral Archives Society other than first and last name. This is to include but not limited to their middle name or initial; nicknames; birth dates and locations; wedding dates and locations; social security numbers; addresses both past and present; pictures; etc. After all, everybody has a right to his or her privacy.
    3. Any graphics, artwork and pictures are the property of the site owner displaying them, and NOT Ancestral Archives or the Ancestral Archives Society.
  2. By becomimg a associate with the "Ancestral Archives Society", you agree to all policy outlined in these pages and will provide a link to the same from each of your pages linked to the network.
    1. Any discussion regarding the society's policy will be entertained as along as it is private and civil. Any suggestions regarding policy will be considered by the Network Administrator.
    2. Any and all suggestions must be include a detailed explaination for the suggestion so a decision can be rendered.
Top Definitions Guidelines Obtaining Assistance Hosting
Instructions for Obtaining Assistance
  1. If you need assistance coding (writing) your pages, having trouble getting your pages to display correctly, or you just do not understand any of this yet, read on for even more help.
    1. Need assistance coding your pages:
      1. Contact somebody under HTML Assistance and choose one of those folks. If you also need things scanned for displaying on your site, you might want to choose some one with that option included.
        1. In your email, you will have to include all information on your family (remember, nothing more than first and last names and the first and last names of their spouse(s) for all living people).
        2. A good idea would be to create a file, which you can attach to your email with the needed information and relationships to each (a report generated by your genealogy software would be perfect).
    2. If you opt for one of our volunteer webmasters
      1. The volunteer webmaster is only responsible with generating the pages which will be used on this network. Any additional paged you wish to have coded with be your responsibility.
        1. All pages created by the volunteer webmaster will always be the property of the volunteer webmaster.
        2. Permission to use all of these pages may be rescinded at any time.
        3. In the event permission of use is rescinded it must be done in writing (email) and all of that volunteer webmaster's pages the curator is displaying MUST be removed within 2 calendar days from the date / time stamp on the notifying email.
        4. ANY and ALL copies of the files must be deleted from all servers, drives and disks as well as all printed copies destroyed.
      2. You MUST be proactive in the maintenance of your site. This means you need to contact your webmaster each time you have additions and/or corrections for your site.
      3. If a request is made for additions and/or corrections to a volunteer webmaster the files MUST be uploaded within 2 days (48 hours) from the date stamp on the email with the updated file(s) attached or risk becoming outdated.
        1. All sites which are not kept current will be removed from membership without warning post infraction until the site is brought current.
        2. While the original Administrator's site is removed, another may be installed as the Administrator. If the previous Administrator still wishes to continue their participation, they will have to request a link from the new Administrator.
        3. Administrators who exibit a pattern of this infraction will be banned from participation following the second violation.
    3. Having trouble getting your pages to display:
      1. Contact an Administrator located on the Associate Services page or HTML Assistance and choose one of those folks.
      2. Attach a copy of the file you are having trouble so the expert can see the coding and possibly fix the trouble.
    4. Need photos scanned for you website:
      1. Arrangements can be made to have pictures scanned for inclusion on your pages. You will have to contact one of our helpful webmasters to obtain their snail mail address and verify they can scan them, then send the picture(s) to them. PLEASE don't just take photos of pictures or documents, the quality isn't nearly as good.
        1. To ensure you get the original pictures back, remember to include a self addressed stamped envelope (big enough for the photos).
    5. If something is still not clear to you, please contact the Network Administrator and ask away!
    6. To get things started, please fill out the HTML Assistance Form.
      1. You will need to generate and email a report to us for the family or families you want coded. Your full and complete report will be instrumental in coding your pages as well as to facilitate sharing! Coding cannot proceed until all of your information is received.
      2. If you choose to incorporate the ChangeDetection app on your pages which is highly recommended, you will need to visit them to sign up for your free account. Then email us with the coding for your choice.
Top Definitions Guidelines Obtaining Assistance Hosting
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