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DAVE'S ANCESTRAL SURNAMES: Acton, Adams, Allcock, Allen, Alton, Andrews, Armbruster, Aten, Atwood, Ayers, Aylett, Babbs, Bachmeister, Bacon, Baker, Ballou, Bass, Baudouin, Bawle, Beaumont, Bechton, Beeston, Belcher, Belgrave, Bennett, Berenger, Betts, Bidwell, Bigge, Bill, Bliss, Blysse, Bobrick, Bold, Bostock, Bosworth, Boughton, Bourn(e), Bowman, Bradley, Branding, Brayton, Brewster, Brown, Bruce, Brunning, Brush, Brushett, Bucklin, Bullock, Butter, Butterworth, Calthrop, Calveley, Capen, Capet, Carlson, Carr, Chapman, Chepman, Chesford, Choke, Clavering, Clifford, Clinton, Coates, Cole, Coleman, Coley, Condit, Coney, Cook(e), Cooley, Cross, Crowley, Cummings, Curts, D'Artois, D'Avesnes, Darbye, Davenport, Davis, de Arderne, de Ashton, de Atherton, de Audley, de Badlesmere, de Barton, de Beauchamp, de Beaufort, de Brereton, de Burgh, de Camville, de Chaworth, de Chetham, de Clare, de Clifford, de Corona, de Dutton, de Fiennes, de Geneville, de Grandison, de Honford, de la Warr, de Legh, de Lichte, de Londres, de Macclesfield, de Montague, de Mortimer, de Neve, de Neville, de Pilkington, de St. Pierre, de Valois, de Venables, de Verdon, de Vernon, de Warenne, de Workedlegh, Dell, Dennis, Donne, Dunning, Dutton, Elliott, Ellis, Erickson, Evered, Fay, Fellows, Fenn, Fitton, Fitzalan, FitzBarnard, Fitzjohn, Fitzlisle, FitzMaurice, Flemming, Foulehurst, Fowler, Foxwell, Freighley, French, Fryer, Fuller, Gallup, Gardner, Garment, Garnett, Gaylord, Geshwindt, Giffard, Gilbert, Gillyat, Glover, Goodale, Goody, Goodrich, Greene, Gregory, Griswold, Gunn, Haass, Haile, Hale, Hanford, Hasseldon, Hardington, Hardy, Hargrave, Haughton, Hayes, Hellesby, Herrlinger, Herron, Hill, Hoey, Holbrook, Holden, Hoo, Holt, Howe, Hubbard, Hulings, Humphrey, Hunt, Ingraham, Jackson, Johnston, Jones, Jordan, Kalmbach, Kauffman, Kerr, Kimbereley, Kimberly, Kinsman, Kline, Lacy, Lake, Lance, Lang, Lawrence, Lawton, Larkyn, Lay, LeGrosvenor, Leadbetter, Leech, Legatt, Leggatt, Legh, Leigh, Lehman, Lincoln, Lobdell, Longbottom, Longford, Longspree, Lucas, Luther, Lymings, Mainwarring, Marvin, Mason, Maynwarynge, Melton, Menton, Merrill, Metzger, Middaugh, Middleton, Miner, Mitchel, Montague, Montfort, Morkin, Morse, Mortimer, Moton, Neville, Newgate, Newman, Nixson, Northrup, Norton, Odding, Okebanke, Olena, Oliver, Ormeston, Parker, Parre, Payson, Peake, Pearce, Peck, Peene, Percy, Pierce, Pilkington, Plantagenet, Polard, Poynter, Pratt, Proctor, Purchis, Purrier, Quiney, Radcliffe, Raymond, Reade, Reed, Robbins, Rollaire, Rose, Rucke, Savage, Saville, Scheelkens, Scoville, Seaman, Shadle, Shearman, Sheffield, Shell, Shelley, Sheppard, Sherman, Sisson, Skillman, Smith, Smyth, Spencer, Spooner, Starkey, Stephens, Stevens, Stilson, Stone, Stream, Syforde, Taleman, Tallman, Taylor, Terry, Teye, Thomas, Thompson, Thornton, Thorolde, Thurber, Tibbes, Tolman, Townshend, Tracy, Tratman, Treat, Trott, Turner, Tursell, Tuttle, Udall, Udell, Urene, van der Hagen, Venables, Vipont, von Peene, Waite, Walker, Waller, Ward, Weare, Webb, Welles, Wells, Wemborne, Wheeler, Williams, Winterent, White, Whitebread, Whitehead, Whitmarsh, Wignal, Wiswall, Wiswell, Withington, Wolffrath, Wolterton, Womelsdorf, Wood, Wooton, Wright, Yate, Yaxley, Yoder, Younglove, Zubaly.

ROSE'S ANCESTRAL SURNAMES: Abel, Baier, Daubermann, Gibbs, Gilcher, (Hafner?) Hofnerin, Howard, Kaye, Lockwood, Lord, Ludwig, Isherwood, VanSickle, Winters.

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