Requesting Assistance
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I have read the "Ancestral Archives Society" and "Removals" pages and agree to all terms. Yes No

Until this statement is affirmatively agreed upon, nothing can move forward.

Your full and complete report will be instrumental in coding your pages as well as to facilitate sharing! Coding cannot proceed until all of your information is received.

I have already sent my genealogy file: Yes No

Request physical address for sending photos / documents: Yes No
This information will only be released after all other information is received.

I don't need assistance but I do have a page(s) I wish to obtain a link for. Yes No



All links will be verified prior to establishing links. The criteria found at the Ancestral Archives Society apply to all Curators.

I have a search engine on my site and am requesting it be placed on the Ancestral Archives Society: Yes No

Please provide the address for the page your search engine is found on at your site:

I would like to help other family members with coding of pages and/or scanning: Coding - Yes No;   Scanning - Yes No

If you are simply attempting to email the curator, please use the "Curator" link on your left.