Link Removal

            All Administrators have the obligation and right to remove any link who's webmaster/curator does not comply with these guidelines. A link must NEVER be removed due to ANY personal conflict. All proof of offending infraction(s) must be recorded, retained and forwarded to the Network Administrator.
Involuntary Removals
  1. Procedures for removing broken links:
    1. Email that Family Administrator to advise of the broken link.
      1. If they respond, assist them in correcting the issue
      2. If they don't respond, you can either delete the link; of if you have the info from the missing link you can attempt to get another Family Administrator to take over that line. In the event there are other Family Administrators who branch out from this line, the administrator must take over this line.

  • Procedures for removing a link due to guideline infractions:
    1. Print proof of the infraction (Note the infraction on the printout and retain for your records).
    2. Remove the link (Remember to keep the link address for replacing the link).
    3. As soon as the link is removed, email the offending Family Administrator advising them of the infraction.
  • Procedures for link removal for inappropriate conduct:
    1. Inappropriate conduct includes, but is not limited to swearing, comments about one's heritage, and/or threats.
    2. Upon receipt of an offensive email from another member, retain a copy of the offending email for your records.
    3. A copy of the offensive email must be forwarded to the Network Administrator for retention in his records.
    4. The Network Administrator will determine the seriousness of the email. If the email is found to be offensive he will then email the member who authored the email to advise them to immediately cease such behavior or their link and membership will be removed.
    5. The next time this member offends any member, his membership and link will be terminated for one year from the date of the newest infraction. In the event an infraction occurs again, the offender will be notified of the offense, and their link will be permanently removed.

    Voluntary Removals
    1. Procedures for requesting a voluntary removal:
      1. The Family Administrator must notify their Administrator of their request. Include the effective date of the request.
      2. The Administrator will contact their other Family Administrators to see if any of them wishes to assume the vacating line.
        1. The Family Administrator who wishes to assume responsibility and is the closest relative should be the one who becomes the line's Family Administrator.
      3. The new Family Administrator of the line will go to that line and retain the information presented on that family so new pages can be created.
      4. When the new pages have been created and uploaded, the new Family Administrator will email their Administrator advising them of the location for the page to be linked.
        1. Remember, the initial page should be named "index.html" (this will not be true if one maintains multiple lines).
        2. In the event a link is removed due to a broken link, this may endanger the your status as your administration may have already contacted other Family Administrators to see if they want to take over your line. If this happens, will have to resolve this with the new Family Administrator for your line. So the best advise I can offer is to notify your Administrator as soon as possible.