Site Policy
Last updated: 4/30/2018

            Personal information of living individuals will never be displayed on this site, not even an "old" photo of a living person. What may be published is the first and last name of the individual. No birth date or location, middle name, nor prefix or suffix. When a living person supplies a photo or document to be used on this site, a link to their email address will accompany it. Also, an email link will be provided when one supplies news, query, or a notation in our guestbook. The exception to this rule is when the information has already been publicly displayed such as in the case of an obituary, tombstone, newspaper articles, or the like.
            Any information obtained through the site counter is strictly for the benefit of our curator to determine if our site is being accessed. The counter was changed so all can view the results and can see what is being reported. If our site is not being viewed, what's the sense in maintaining it. Any information obtained through the guestbook is so anybody reading your message may contact you and/or view your web site. The curator's reviewing of messages prior to their posting is only to prevent abuse of the guestbook. Any negative comments about our curator or this site will not be precluded unless the message is deemed unfit for all ages (please remember, this site is family safe). Web page and email links will also be provided for participants of the network. Genealogy information you provide through the sharing process will be shared with other "relatives".
            Any phone numbers or physical address will never be given out by our curator or this site. If somebody wants to contact you, they can do so via the email address you provided Ancestral Archives. If you choose to share any other contact information, that is your business.

Last updated: 4/30/2018

            By your decision to voluntarily share, you automatically agree to this sharing policy as well as our privacy policy. This pertains to all forms of publications including, but not limited to, all web sites, printed materials and the like. The kind of things NOT to be publicized are all personal genealogical information of living individuals, their contact and location information for the purposes of maintaining the privacy of our living relatives. Basically, if it's made public in any way omit all information regarding living relatives except first and last name. ONLY email and website addresses may be publicly displaying, all other contact information must be left to each and every living individual. Please forward all questions regarding this policy to our curator.
            Due to the ever increasing number of individuals who wish to obtain something without an exchange remember, sharing can ONLY be achieved by those willing to share FIRST. Our curator has been researching these families for over twenty years and has amassed a very large database exceeding 461,000 individuals. And no, it is not expect to receive the same amount of info that is shared. All media received must be formatted for an IBM compatible PC. Please be mindful that these files are "rough drafts" due to continued research and constant editing of this database! If you choose to privatize your file, what you receive will also be privatized. However, if the need arises to edit your file in an attempt to prevent the dissemination of ANY information than your attempt to share is futile. Acceptable data to suppress are a relative's physical addresses, mailing address, or telephone numbers. This is to prevent family members from being harassed as well as being tracked down . . . everyone deserves their privacy.
            The sharing of files under 10MB can be sent through email and larger files can be facilitated by using Files2U! Once the requested file is uploaded to this service, you will receive an email providing a link and tracking number to indicate your file is ready for downloading. PLEASE NOTE, you will have only 48 hours to accomplish the download or the file will automatically be deleted. For this service to be effective you will have to download a couple of small software files. Once this is all installed and setup it is almost immediate! When you share, please email our curator with your name and email address so the favor can be returned!!
            If you are interested in a lookup, please email your query along with the information and lineage of the person/people you are inquiring about to the appropriate curator. This information will be used to check their database then get back with you!
            Here's something you might want to ponder . . . if this site is any indication of the information given freely, don't you wonder what is being shared? Just share openly and completely to find out! We sincerely hope to hear from you very soon!!!

Additions / Corrections
Last updated: 12/30/2017

            If you have additions or corrections, it would be greatly appreciated if they are accompanied by substantiating documentation. Web sites and transcriptions are not acceptable as anybody can write anything even if it isn't accurate. If this is still unclear, please visit our demonstration for clarification. This is not intended to be combative but merely to propagate accuracy. Additions/corrections without documentation will be taken under advisement for further research but will not be implemented until such documentation is obtained. However, a note may be attached in our database.

Help in understanding our files
Last updated: 8/17/2016

            If you are in need of discovering how to read and understand the symbols used here and in the shared files, please visit the Key. Please feel free to print it out for future reference.

Ordering Available Documentation
Last updated: 8/18/2016

            If a census is mentioned or an obituary or other document displayed, a digitized copy is available for emailing. If a source, such as a web address is reported, a digitized copy of the document is probably not available. Exchanging photos is also possible as well!
            If you are interested in any available documentation please contact the appropriate curator. In your email, please provide the name of the person(s), requested year(s) and any other distinguishable details for your requests. These copies will be emailed to you free of charge if we share one of these families and you are willing to exchange information first. Any requests totaling more than 10MB will be emailed to you piecemeal.

Last updated: 4/30/2018

            If you are interested in participating with our network please read the guidelines set forth at The Ancestral Archives Society page. Next, visit Associate Services to access their websites to aide in determining which administrator to contact in order to get things rolling. If you are still interested in joining but find yourself HTML challenged, there is a completely painless fix so please contact the Network Administrator! And yes, scanning services are available if you provide postage (both ways), just contact your Administrator for assistance. Please don't forget your SASE so your photos and documents can be returned to you. Welcome aboard!

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