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Anthony, Susan Brownell (1820 - 1906) Women's Suffrage, Women's Rights, Abolitionism Sherman, Odding
Arnaz, Desi
born Desiderio Alberto Arnaz y de Acha, III
(1917 - 1986) Actor, Musician, Producer 1st husband of Lucille Ball
Arnaz, Desi, Jr.
born Desiderio Alberto Arnaz IV
(1953 -         ) Actor, Musician Pearce, Coney
Arnaz, Lucie Désirée (1951 -         ) Actress, Singer, Dancer, Producer Pearce, Coney
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Bacall, Lauren
born Betty Joan Perske
(1924 - 2014) Actress, Model 4th wife of Humphrey Bogart
Baldwin, Alexander Rae "Alec", III (1958 -         ) Actor, Writer, Comedian, Producer Gallup, Lake;
Ingraham, Wignal;
Ingraham, Wignal
Baldwin, Daniel Leroy (1960 -         ) Actor, Director, Producer Gallup, Lake;
Ingraham, Wignal;
Ingraham, Wignal
Baldwin, Stephen Andrew (1966 -         ) Actor, Producer Gallup, Lake;
Ingraham, Wignal;
Ingraham, Wignal
Baldwin, William "Billy" (1963 -         ) Actor, Producer, Writer Gallup, Lake;
Ingraham, Wignal;
Ingraham, Wignal
Ball, Lucille Désirée (1911 - 1989) Actress, Comedian, Model, Film Studio Executive, TV Producer - Lucille Ball Pearce, Coney
Barrymore, Ethel
born Ethel Mae Blythe
(1911 - 1989) Actress 1st wife of Russell Griswold Colt
Barton, Clarissa Harlowe "Clara" (1821 - 1912) Nurse, Humanitarian, Founder and First President of the American Red Cross Marvin, Gillyat
Basinger, Kimila A. "Kim" (1953 -         ) Actress, Model, Singer, Producer, Animal Rights Activist Ex-wife of Alec Baldwin
Baxter, Henry J. (1821 - 1873) Civil War Brig. Gen.
U.S. Minister to Honduras
Johnston, Cummings
Bogart, Humphrey DeForest (1899 - 1957) Actor - Humphrey Bogart Goodrich, Marvin
Burr, Aaron (1756 - 1836) 3rd Attorney General of New York under George Clinton
U.S. Senator from New York
3rd U.S. Vice President under Thomas Jefferson
Sherman, Butter
Burton, Richard
born Richard Walter Jenkins, Jr.
(1925 - 1982) Actor 5th and 6th husband of Elizabeth Taylor
Bush, George Herbert Walker "Poppy" (1924 - 2018) U.S. House of Representatives from Texas 7th District
10th U.S. Embassador to the United Nations
49th Chairman of the Republican National Committee
2nd Chief of the Liaison Office to the Peoples Republic of China
11th Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
43rd U. S. Vice President under Ronald Regan
41st U.S. President of the United States
Bourn, Sheffield;
Bullock, Ingraham
Bush, George Walker "Dubya" (1946 -         ) 46th Governor of Texas
43rd U.S. Presdent
Bourn, Sheffield;
Marvin, Gillyat;
Bullock, Ingraham
Bush, John Ellis "Jeb" (1953 -         ) Secretary of Commerce for Florida
43rd Florida Governor
Bourn, Sheffield;
Marvin, Gillyat;
Bullock, Ingraham
Bush, Prescott Sheldon, Sr. (1895 - 1972) U.S. Senator from Connecticut Bourn, Sheffield;
Bullock, Ingraham
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Card, Orson Scott (1951 -         ) Author, Critic, Playwright/Script Writer, Poet, Public Speaker, Essayist, Professor of Writing and Literature Marvin, Gregory
Carradine, David
born John Arthur Carradine
(1936 - 2009) Actor, Director, Martial Artist Lawton, Smith;
Spooner, Partridge
Carradine, Ever Dawn (1974 -         ) Actress Lawton, Smith;
Spooner, Partridge
Carradine, John
born Richmond Reed Carradine
(1906 - 1988) Actor Lawton, Smith;
Spooner, Partridge
Carradine, Keith Ian (1949 -         ) Actor, Singer, Songwriter Lawton, Smith;
Spooner, Partridge
Carradine, Robert Reed "Bob" (1954 -         ) Actor Lawton, Smith;
Spooner, Partridge
Carradine, Sorel Johannah (1985 -         ) Actress Lawton, Smith;
Spooner, Partridge
Cheney, Elizabeth Lynn "Liz" (1966 -         ) U.S. House of Representatives from Wyoming's At-large District Bosworth
Cheney, Richard Bruce "Dick" (1941 -         ) 7th White House Chief of Staff under Gerald Ford
U. S. House of Representatives from Wyoming's At-Large District
17th U.S. Secretary of Defense
46th U.S. Vice President under George W. Bush
Husband of Dr., Lynne Anne [Vincent] Cheney, PhD
Cheney, Lynne Anne [Vincent], PhD (1941 -         ) Chair of the National Endowment for the Humanities under Ronald Reagan
U.S. 2nd Lady
Colt, Samuel Pomeroy (1852 - 1921) Industrialist, founder of the United States Rubber Company (now Uniroyal Tires) and the Industrial Trust Company.
Attorney General of Rhode Island
Husband of Elizabeth Mitchelson Bullock
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Davis, Nancy
born Anne Frances Robbins
(1921 - 2016) Actress; 1st Lady Robbins, Bidwell;
Betts, Bigge
2nd wife of Ronald Reagan
del Rio, Dolores
born María de los Dolores Asúnsolo López-Negrete
(1904 - 1983) Actress Partner of Orson Welles
Dewey, Melvil Louis Kossuth (1851 - 1931) Inventor of the Dewey Decimal System Sisson, Lawton
Dewolf, Florence Mabel [Kling] (1860 - 1924) 1st Lady Wife of Warren G. Harding
DiMaggio, Joseph Paul "Joltin Joe" (1914 - 1999) Center Fielder for the New York Yankees 2nd husband of Marilyn Monroe
Dulles, Allen Welsh (1893 - 1969) 1st Deputy Director of Central Ingelligence for Plans
Deputy Director of Central Intelligence
Director of Central Intelligence
Marvin, Gregory
Dulles, Avery Robert (1918 - 2008) Jesuit Priest, Theologian, and Cardinal of the Catholic Church Marvin, Gregory
Dulles, John Foster (1888 - 1959) New York Senator
52nd U.S. Secretary of State under Dwight David Eisenhower
(Washington Dulles National Airport was named in his honor)
Marvin, Gregory
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Elfman, Daniel Robert "Danny" (1953 -         ) Composer, Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer Husband of Bridget Fonda
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Fisher, Eddie
born Edwin John Tisch
(1928 - 2010) Singer, Actor 4th husband of Elizabeth Taylor
Fonda, Bridget Jane (1964 -         ) Actress, Singer - Bridget Fonda Sherman, Butter
Fonda, Henry Jaynes (1905 - 1982) Actor - Henry Fonda Sherman, Butter
Fonda, Jane Seymour (1937 -         ) Actress - Jane Fonda Sherman, Butter
Fonda, Peter Henry (1940 -         ) Actor - Peter Fonda Sherman, Butter
Ford, Gerald Rudolph, Jr.
born Leslie Lynch King, Jr.
(1913 - 2006) U.S. House of Representatives from Michigan's 5th District
40th U.S. Vice President under Richard M. Nixon
38th U.S. President
Marvin, Gregory
Fortensky, Lawrence Lee "Larry" (1952 - 2016)   8th husband of Elizabeth Taylor
Franco, Larry J. (1949 -         ) Film Producer, Actor Husband of Jill Russell
Franco, Matt (1969 -         ) Former Major League Baseball player - 1st baseman Spooner, Pratt
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Garfield, James Abram (1831 - 1881) U.S. House of Representatives from Ohio's 19th District
20th U.S. President
Pratt, Warren
Garity, Troy
born Troi O'Donovan Garity Hayden
(1973 -         ) Actor Sherman, Butter
Gish, Dorothy Elizabeth (1898 - 1968) Actress, Director, Writer Lobdell
Gish, Lillian Diana (1893 - 1993) Actress Lobdell
Goodrich, Benjamin Franklin "B. F.", MD (1841 - 1888) B. F. Goodrich Tire Company Goodrich, Williams
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Harding, Warren Gamaliel "Winnie" (1865 - 1923) Ohio Senate from the 13th District
28th Lt. Gov. of Ohio
U.S. Senator from Ohio
29th U.S. President
Hawn, Goldie Jeanne (1945 -         ) Actress, Producer, Singer - Goldie Hawn Partner of Kurt Russell
Hayden, Thomas Emmett "Tom" (1939 - 2016) Social & Politican Activist, Author, Politician 2nd husband of Jane Fonda
Hayworth, Rita
born Margarita Carmen Casino
(1918 - 1987) Actress, Dancer 2nd wife of Orson Welles
Hazard, George, Lt. Gov. (1700 - 1738) Deputy Governor of The Colony of Rhode Island & Providence Plantations  
Henry, Lou (1874 - 1944) 1st Lady Wife of Herbert Hoover
Herron, Helen "Nellie" (1861 - 1943) 1st Lady Wife of William H. Taft
Hilton, Conrad Nicholson "Nicky", Jr. (1926 - 1936) Hilton Hotel Heir 1st husband of Elizabeth Taylor
Hooker, Joseph Dalton "Fighting Joe", Maj. Gen. (1814 - 1879) Maj. Gen. of the Civil War Betts, Marvin
Hoover, Herbert Clark (1874 - 1964) Director of the U.S. Food Administration under Woodrow Wilson
3rd U.S. Secretary of Commerce under Warren G. Harding & Calvin Coolidge
31st U.S. President
Sherman, Lawrence
Howe, Elias (1819 - 1867) Engineer - inventor of the sewing machine Sherman, Lawrence
Hubley, Season
born Susan Hubley
(1951 -         ) Actress, Singer Partner of David Carradine
Ex-wife of Kurt Russell
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Kerry, John Forbes (1943 -         ) 66th Lt Gov. of Massachusetts
U.S. Senator from Massachusetts
Democratic nominee for U.S. President
68th U.S. Secretary of State under Barack Obama
Mason, Peck;
Mason, Peck;
Sherman, Butter
Kodar, Oja
born Olga Palinkaš
(1941 -         ) Actress, Screenwriter, Director Partner of Orson Welles
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Lowell, James Russell (1819 - 1891) U.S. Minister to Spain under President Hayes
U.S. Minister to England under Chester A. Arthur
Sherman, Butter
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Marvin, Lee (1924 - 1987) Actor Marvin, Brush
Marvin, Michelle Triola
born Michelle Marie Triola
(1932 - 2009) Actress Partner of Lee Marvin
McClellan, George Brinton "Little Mac" (1826 - 1885) 4th U.S. Commanding General of the Union Army
24th Governor of New Jersey
Gallup, Lake
Menken, Helen (1901 - 1966) Actress 1st wife of Humphrey Bogart
Methot, Mayo June (1904 - 1951) Actress 3rd wife of Humphrey Bogart
Miller, Arthur Asher (1915 - 2005) Playwright; Essayist, best know for "Death of a Salesman" 3rd husband of Marilyn Monroe
Monroe, Marilyn
born Norma Jeane Mortenson
(1926 - 1962) Actress Plantagenet, De Chaworth
Mori, Paola
born Paola di Gerfalco
(1928 - 1986) Actress 3rd wife of Orson Welles
Morton, Gary (1924 - 1999) Actor, Comedian, Producer 2nd husband of Lucille Ball
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Nixon, Richard Milhous (1913 - 1994) U.S. House of Representatives from California's 12th District
U.S. Senator from California
36th U.S. Vice President under Dwight D. Eisenhower
Republican nominee for U.S. President
37th U.S. President
Carr, Hargrave
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Paine, Robert Treat (1731 - 1814) Signer of the Declaration of Independence Sherman, Butter
Paine, Robert Treat, Jr.
born Thomas Paine
(1773 - 1811) Poet and Editor Sherman, Butter
Perry, Matthew Calbraith, Commodore (1794 - 1858) Commander of the East India Squadron Raymond, Shell
Perry, Oliver Hazard, Commodore (1785 - 1819) War of 1812 - U.S. Navy "Hero of Lake Erie" Raymond, Shell
Perry, Philip Jonathan (1964 -         ) General Council of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Husband of Liz Cheney
Perry, Richard (1942 -         ) Record Producer Partner of Jane Fonda
Philips, Mary (1900 - 1975) Actress 2nd wife of Humphrey Bogart
Pierce, Barbara Lane (1925 - 2018)
1st Lady
Marvin, Gillyat
Wife of George H. W. Bush
Plimpton, Martha Campbell (1970 -         ) Actress, Singer, Model Lawton, Smith;
Spooner, Partridge
Plimpton, Shelly (1947 -         ) Actress, Singer Partner of Keith Carradine
Porter, Cole Albert (1891 - 1964) Composer, Songwriter - Cole Porter Tallman, Briggs
Price, Vincent Leonard, Jr. (1911 - 1993) Actor, Writer - Vincent Price Cole, Tibbes
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Quayle, Benjamin Eugene "Ben" (1976 -         ) U.S. House of Representatives from Arizona's 3rd District Bullock, Ingraham
Quayle, James Danforth "Dan" (1947 -         ) U.S. House of Representatives from Indiana's 4th District
U.S. Senator from Indiana
44th U.S. Vice President under George H. W. Bush
Bullock, Ingraham
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Reagan, Ronald Wilson "Dutch" (1911 - 2004) Actor
33rd California Governor
40th U.S. President
Married to 2nd wife, Nancy Davis
Robbins, Gilbert Lee "Gil" (1931 - 2011) Folk Musician (The Highwaymen), Actor, Vocal Coach Robbins, Rose;
Goodrich, Marvin
Robbins, Timothy Francis "Tim" (1958 -         ) Actor, Screenwriter, Director, Producer, Musician Robbins, Rose;
Goodrich, Marvin
Rockefeller, John Davison "Senior", Sr. (1839 - 1937) Oil industry business magnate and philanthropist Marvin, Gregory
Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich "Rocky", Sr. (1908 - 1979) 1st Asst. Secretary of State for American Republic Affairs
1st Under Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare
49th Governor of New York
41st U.S. Vice President under Gerald R. Ford
Marvin, Gregory
Rockefeller, Winthrop Aldrich (1912 - 1973) 37th Governor of Arkansas Marvin, Gregory
Rockefeller, Winthrop Paul "Win" (1948 - 2006) 17 Lt. Gov. of Arkansas Marvin, Gregory
Rockwell, Norman Perceval (1894 - 1978) Artist - Painter Betts, Raymond
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano (1882 - 1945) New York Senate from the 26th District
Assistant Secretary of the Navy
44th New York Governor
32nd U.S. President
Bill, Haughton;
Cole, Tibbes
Roosevelt, Anna Eleanor (1884 - 1962) 1st Lady Wife of Franklin D. Roosevelt
Rudolph, Lucretia "Crete" (1832 - 1918)
1st Lady
Mason, Peck;
Wife of James A. Garfield
Russell, Kurt Vogel (1951 -         ) Actor - Kurt Russell Spooner, Pratt
Russell, Neil Oliver "Bing" (1926 - 2003) Actor, Owner of the Portland Mavericks Spooner, Pratt
Russell, Wyatt Hawn (1986 -         ) Actor Spooner, Pratt
Ryan, Thelma Catherine "Pat" (1912 - 1993) 1st Lady Wife of Richard M. Nixon
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Seymour, Edward Woodruff (1832 - 1892) Connecticut House of Representatives
Connecticut House of Representatives
Connecticut Senate
U.S. House of Representatives from Connecticut's 4th District
Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court
Marvin, Gregory
Seymour, Horatio (1788 - 1857) U.S. Senator from Vermont Marvin, Gregory
Seymour, Horatio (1810 - 1886) 18th Governor of New York Marvin, Gregory
Seymour, Origen Storrs (1804 - 1881) Connecticut House of Representatives
Connecticut House of Representatives
U.S. House of Representatives from Connecticut's 4th District
Chief Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court
Connecticut House of Representatives
Marvin, Gregory
Sherman, James Schoolcraft "Sunny Jim" (1855 - 1912) Mayor of Utica, Oneida County, New York
U.S. House of Representatives from New York's 23rd District
U.S. House of Representatives from New York's 25th District
U.S. House of Representatives from New York's 27th District
27th U.S. Vice President under William Howard Taft
Luther, Butterworth;
Sherman, Butter
Sherman, Roger (1721 - 1793) Delegate to the Continental Congress from Connecticut
Signer of the Declaration of Independence
Delegate to the Continental Congress from Connecticut
1st Mayor of New Haven, Connecticut
U.S. House of Representatives from Connecticut
U.S. Senator from Connecticut
Sherman, Smith
Sherman, William Tecumseh "Cump" (1820 - 1891) Commander of the Union Armies of the West during the Civil War Betts, Raymond;
Sherman, Butter
Spalding, Albert (1888 - 1953) American violinist and Composer Stephens, Fellows;
Ingraham, Wignal
Spalding, Albert Goodwill (1850 - 1915) Baseball Player; Co-founder of A. G. Spalding Sporting Goods Company.
Member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame - Pitcher (1939)
Stephens, Fellows;
Ingraham, Wignal
Spencer-Churchill, Winston Leonard, Sir (1874 - 1965) Prime Minister of the United Kingdom under King George, IV
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom under King George, IV and Queen Elizabeth II
Sherman, Odding
Steinbeck, John Ernst, Jr. (1902 - 1968) Pulitzer Prize for Fiction
Nobel Prize for Literature
Sherman, Butter
Sullavan, Margaret Brooke (1909 - 1960) Actress 1st wife of Henry Fonda
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Taft, William Howard "Willie" (1857 - 1930) 6th Solicitor General of the United States under Benjamin Harrison
Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, appointed by Benjamin Harrison
Governor-General of the Philippines, appointed by William McKinley
42nd U.S. Secretary of War under Theodore Roosevelt
1st Provisional Governor of Cuba, appointed by Theodore Roosevelt
27th U.S. President
10th U.S. Chief Justice, nominated by Warren G. Harding
Sherman, Butter
Taylor, Dame Elizabeth Rosemond "Liz" (1932 - 2011) Actress, Entrepreneur - Elizabeth "Liz" Taylor Sherman, Butter
Todd, Michael "Mike"
born Avrom Hirsch Goldbogen
(1909 - 1958) American Theater and film producer 3rd husband of Elizabeth Taylor
Turner, Robert Edward "Ted" (1938 -         ) Media Mogul, Philanthropist 3rd husband of Jane Fonda
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Vadim, Roger
born Roger Fladimir Plemiannikov
(1928 - 2000) Film Director, Screenwriter, Producer 1st husband of Jane Fonda
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Warner, John William (1927 -         ) U.S. Under Secretary of the Navy under Richard Nixon
61st U.S. Secretary of the Navy under Richard Nixon
U.S. Senator from Virginia
7th husband of Elizabeth Taylor
Warren, Elizabeth Anne "Betty" [Bloomer] (1918 - 2011) 1st Lady Wife of Gerald R. Ford
Welch, Laura Jane (1946 -         ) 1st Lady Wife of George W. Bush
Welles, George "Orson" (1915 - 1985) Actor, Director, Writer, Producer - Orson Welles Tallman, Briggs;
Sherman, Butter
Wilding, Michael Charles Gauntlet (1912 - 1979) English stage, television, and film actor - Michael Wilding 2nd husband of Elizabeth Taylor
Will, Sandra (1947 -         ) Actress 1st wife of Keith Carradine
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