Ephraim "Leamon" Robbins
"Genealogy of the Betts - Robbins"
by Paul T. Betts 1995
Page 9

            Leamon Robbins married Laura Johnston on 3/17/1880. He was A member of the Knights of Honor.
            At the age of 41 he fell of the railroad coal trussel on Tioga Ave. in Corning where he was working and was killed.

* * * * *

A newspaper clipping provided by the generosity of Mr. William G. Canfield, a volunteer at the Corning Public Library:
"Corning Journal" - Thursday - August 28, 1888
            On Monday afternoon by (unreadable) of (unreadable), workman were raising three new bents for a trestle work near the Fall Brook shops. Two bents were put in position and planks placed thereon. In missing the third bent, the knot of a guy rope pulled out as it has been imperfectly tied. The bent fell against the next one and the two carried down the third. On the planks nineteen feet high, stood E. Leman Robbins, Frank Ellison and Orley R. Gorton. As the bents fell Mr. Ellison jumped off and was slightly injured. Mr. Gorton was carried to the ground, and badly bruised and had two teeth knocked out. Mr. Robbins was thrown upon the corner of a timber, striking on the back of the head and fracturing his skull.
            He was taken up senseless and carried on a board to his house, not far off. His wife met them on entering and he said to her, "How are you, darling?" He relapsed into unconsciousness and died in about five hours. Mr. Robbins was married about nineteen years ago; his wife being Miss Laura Johnston, then of Caton, formerly of Chenango County. There are three children, viz: Stella, aged eighteen; Louis, aged sixteen; and Nellie, aged ten years. Mr. Robbins was an affectionate husband and father. He leaves no property. He was a member of the Knights of Honor and formerly had insurance policies in that organization amounting to four thousand dollars, but he allowed them to lapse, which was a great mistake as now seen.
            Mr. Robbins was the son of Elder James N. Robbins, of Caton and a grandson of Ephraim Robbins, deceased, a pioneer of Caton.

Ephraim L. Robbins' Grave
Ephraim "Leamon" Robbins
(1847 - 1888)
Barnard Cemetery
Corning, Steuben Co., NY.
Ephraim L. Robbins' Headstone

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