"Genealogy of the Betts-Robbins" (1995) by: Paul T. Betts, Jr.
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Rev., Clarence R. Betts
Rev., Clarence R. Betts
(1909 - 2006)
"Genealogy of the Betts-Robbins" (1995)
Provided by: Paul T. Betts, Jr.

            Clarence was born December 2nd, 1909, in the house on Dodge Ave in Corning, New York. He attended Northside High School. He attended Practical Bible School, until 1932. Clarence went out into the Lord's work with Wilbur Fish, who was a neighbor. The Melliphone, that is in the picture of him, and his instruments was given to him by Vern Tucker. Over the years he teamed up with 5 different evangelists, the last was was Jackie Burris. Jackie had 12 to 14 in his party and he traveled from September to May. In the summer of those years, Clarence went to different Bible conferences and played there. His first vehicle, that he used to carry his instruments in, was a car that Nellie McAlpine helped him buy. Clarence 1st truck, a 1935 Chevy has his name on it. He was with Jackie Burris up until he married Florence.

            Clarence and Florence Clissold were married December 19th 1942. Florence was the only child born, April 14, 1910. Her father was George Clissold was born in England around 1877 and came over here when he was 6. Florence's mother's name was Cumanell. She was born around 1876. Cumanell passed away in 1946 and George Passed away in 1952. They both are buried in Jackson, Michigan. Florence graduated from Houghton College in 1936 and from University of Michigan in 1937. She taught 6 years and most of it in a Michigan Junior College in the English Department.

            Clarence was ordained in May 1943 in Greensboro, Pennsylvania. Estella Betts, Nellie McAlpine, George and Cumanell Glissold were at the Ordination.

            Clarence and Florence traveled all over the United States and into Canada holding special services and vacation Bible schools. They made 5 trips to California and stayed 2 years at a time traveling up and down the states each time. They also made 3 trips with Missionaries, paying their own way to Jamaica once and twice to Cuba.

            The instruments that Clarence played were: 32 Poccolo Cow Bells, 500 Sleigh Bells, 36 Amplified Musical Glasses (These glasses are amplified by a unique method invented by Clarence and he selected them over a period of several years), Organ chimes, a 4 1/2 octave Marimba, Electric Hawaiian Guitar, and Singing saw. Florence accompanied him on the Organ, Piano, or Concert Concert Vibraharp. Clarence also had a 4 octave English hand bells that they used in Vacation Bible School. They played them together at times. During special services he had the people on the church bring bottles of all sorts. He picked out the ones he could use, turned them up, and played a hymn. Clarence himself was in the ministry for over 60 years and with his wife, Florence, over 50 years. They were doing part time ministries until their accident in October of 1993.

(1998 - Revised)
            In September of 1993 Clarence and Florence were involved in a serious car accident in which Clarence and Florence were injured. Florence was in the hospital for many months and had to have therapy and recuperation. She suffered a severe stroke on October 31st, 1995. On February 14, 1996 she went home to be with her Lord whom she served with her husband, Clarence for about 53 years. She is laid to rest at Sunset Memory Gardens Tampa, Florida. The cemetery in on route 301 going North. It would be on the right hand side of the road while traveling North.

            In speaking for the Betts family. we appreciate the time and effort that Clarence has put in collecting this information on the Betts' and Robbins. We are fortunate to have such a wealth of information.

* * * * *

Obituary - "The Tampa Tribune and The Tampa Times", Monday, November 6, 2006
            BETTS, Rev. Clarence, 96, went home to be with the Lord November 3, 2006, in Tampa. He was preceded in death by his beloved wife, Florence. The Rev. and Mrs. Betts were musical evangelists known as "The Musical Betts," who traveled in all parts of the United States, Canada, and Cuba, sharing their unusual form of gospel in Bible schools, children's revivals, and church meetings. From those who loved him dearly, Heaven's gain is our loss. A funeral service will be conducted 11 a.m. Wednesday, November 8, 2006, at New Tampa Baptist Church with friends gathering one hour prior. Hillsboro Memorial (813) 689-8121.

Florence K. Betts
Florence Katherine Clissold
(1910 - 1996)
"Genealogy of the Betts-Robbins" (1995)
Provided by: Paul T. Betts, Jr.

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