"Genealogy of the Betts-Robbins" (1995) by: Paul T. Betts, Jr.
Pages 87 & 88

Paul Tracy Betts, Sr.
Paul Tracy Betts, Sr.
(1903 - 2000)
"Genealogy of the Betts-Robbins" (1995)
Provided by: Paul T. Betts, Jr.

            Paul was the 7th child of Tracy and Estella Betts. He was born March 27, 1903 in Mossy Glen which today is known as South Corning. As far back as he can remember he went to church and Sunday School to a small church that was close to Hope Cemetery.

            When his folks lived on the farm Paul was a teenager. They has a gasoline engine that run the washer and wringer and when it wouldn't start, Tracy didn't know of fix it, so Paul would get it to run. It had a make and break spark so he would unscrew 2 bolts and get the terminals and clean them. He went to school at Northside. The school was by Northside Baptist Church.

            Leam and Paul worked at the Painted Post Development Co. They worked on a string of houses, on Rand Ave in Painted Post. They were sent to Plainfield, New Jersey with a group of men to work on a house for a man that worked in the Painted Post Development office in New York City. This was during World War I. Paul got his apprenticeship at the Corning Building Co. At this time, Paul was working at the Corning Glass Works.

            When he was 17 he met, as he put it, "The Girl of My Dreams." He attended a young peoples service in the Alliance Church in Corning when he met her, and it was love at first sight. Orpha Mattison was the girl that he was looking for. He took her to her home, on High Street in Painted Post. Thus began a courtship that lasted for three years. On April 10, 1923 they were married by Rev. F. B. Collett. It was a rainy Monday. Paul and Irene Carpenter stood up with them. After they were married they ate their breakfast with Laura Betts, then headed for Waterloo, New York.

            Orpha was the daughter of Curtis and Amelia Warriner Mattison. She was born September 2nd, 1901 in Harrison Valley, Penna.. Her Genealogy on the Wariner side can be traced back to Miles Standish.

            They started their new life together on the old Betts Homestead in Waterloo, New York. He took up carpentry as a trade and there wasn't anything in the line of carpentering that he tried that he couldn't master. He worked in Geneva while living in Waterloo.

            They lived there only a short time and they moved to Hazel St. in Corning. This was where their first child, Robert was born (Living - Withheld). They then moved to Gibson and this is where their 2nd child, Lester was born (Living - Withheld). After a short time in Gibson they bought a house on Bridge Street. Paul worked for Leon Callahan during the depression fixing up houses so he could rent them. This is where Paul Jr. was born (Living - Withheld) and Layton was born (Living - Withheld). He built a store on the front of the house and sold wallpaper and paint there. He also silvered mirrors. He remodeled the house until he had 3 apartments. They also ran a restaurant on Pulteney Street. He worked for Bill Lamphier for 7 years. Paul also had a wallpaper store in Watkins Glen, New York.

            In 1940 the Navel Base was being constructed on the shores of Seneca Lake and Paul applied for a job. That summer they moved to a summer cottage on Cayuga Lake. They stayed there until December and moved back to Corning because it was too cold for the family. He commuted back and forth for the rest of the time he worked there.

            During this time he moved his family to a house he had built on 110 Hornby Drive in Painted Post. There are several houses that he built himself and several that he helped build. One time he ordered a railroad car of lumber to build 3 houses with out much lumber left over. Most of the houses that he built in his live time were in Painted Post.

            In 1953 after he retired he purchased a 340 acre farm in Covington, Penna. and moved there with his wife and the 2 youngest boys. He purchased a 4 ton bulldozer and hired a man to build a pond. The pond covered 7 acres and was 15 foot deep at the overflow. He stocked it with bass and bluegills. The bass grew to 4 to 5 lb. and the bluegills to 12 inches long. He obtained a license with the state of Penna. so he could let people fish there for a fee. He still worked at carpentry, while he was living at Covington.

            In 1965 he sold the farm for 3 times what he bought it for and moved to a house in Addison, N. Y.. They lived there for about 5 years. Bob, their oldest moved in with them being divorced from his 1st wife.

            They bought a home in New Port Richey, Florida and lived there for about 7 years. During that time they would come up North for the summer. They lived on Uncle Glen's property in a trailer.

            They moved in a Senior Citizen Complex in Painted Post. When he was 78 years old, he build a complete 2nd floor on the house of his son Paul Jr.. It was 6 bedrooms and a full bath. He did the carpentry, plumbing, and electrical work. He has kept very active working on the homes of his other sons.

            Orpha passed away on August 2. 1991 after 2 and a half years of illness. She was buried at Fairview Cemetery in Painted Post, New York.

* * * * *

PAUL BETTS - written by Lester & June
Taken from the Alliance Church bulletin in celebration of his 95th birthday.
            Paul Betts was born March 17, 1903 on the Caton Road in South Corning, New York. The 6th child of Tracy & Estell Betts. The Betts were Baptists from way back but Paul broke the ranks in 1916. His best friend Ernest McGarvey persuaded him to come to the Alliance Church where Ernie's father Rev. William McGarvey was Pastor. Paul at that time lived on a farm on Route 414 or better known as the Watkins Road. They were mischievous as all boys are. Paul mentions one time when he & Ernie were riding double on Grandpa Betts horse. The boys somehow came in possession of a 32 revolver. In the process of riding, the gun went off and grazed the ribs of the horse but did not enter its insides. They had a hard time explaining how the horse got hurt and did not tell the cause until years later. Paul had accepted the Lord at an early age and was active in church. A young lady by the name of Orpha Mattison started attending church in 1919 but took Paul a year to take notice. Paul was love smitten in 1920 when he finally realized Orpha was available. They were married April 10, 1923 by Rev. F. B. Collette, the Pastor of the Alliance Church. Paul began his long career of holding office in the Alliance in 1920, The offices Paul has held through the years are Elder, Deacon, Trustee, Recording Secretary, Sunday School Superintendent, Sunday School Teacher for Senior Boys as well as the Men's Class. He has been in the Governing board 32 years and Elder 24 years. Paul and Orpha moved to Waterloo, NY after they married to farm the old Bett's homestead. Paul worked in Geneva as an apprentice carpenter. In 1924 they moved back to Corning because of homesickness for family and church. Their first born was Robert in (living - withheld) on (living - withheld). Second born was Lester in (living - withheld) in (living - withheld). Third born was Paul Jr. in (living - withheld). Fourth born was Layton in (living - withheld). Both when living on (living - withheld). Paul was a Contractor by trade and built 14 homes in the Corning, Painted Post area. He helped build many other homes while working for Painted Post Development Company and Lampheer Construction Co. Paul tried his hand at public service with Wallpaper Stores in Corning and Watkins Glen. He also ran Paul's Restaurant on Pulteney Street in Corning. Paul & Orpha moved to Covington, PA in 1952. They attended the Blossburg Alliance and Paul again was involved holding different offices in the church. Orpha taught the young peoples Sunday School class. They moved back to Addison on Maple Street form the farm in 1965. The Florida bug bit them in 1969 and they moved to New Port Richey. Rev. Ralph Pratt who was former Pastor of the Blossburg, PA church had been instrumental in them settling in that area. They finally decided to move back home to be around the family in 1976. They settled in a trailer on the Beeman Hollow Road. On August 1, 1979 they moved into Village Manor in Painted Post where Paul currently resides. In 1981 when Paul was 78 years old he built a 2nd story addition consisting of 6 bedrooms and a bath for his son Paul Jr. in (living - withheld). This project took him several months of which he traveled back and forth from his home.

* * * * *

Obituary - The Leader - Thursday, January 27, 2000
Paul T. Betts, Sr.
            CORNING, NY - Paul T. Betts, Sr., age 96 of Village Manor, Painted Post died Tuesday, January 25, 2000 at Corning Hospital.
            He was born on March 27, 1903, the son of Tracey and Estella (Robbins) Betts. He was the husband of Orpha M. Mattison to whom he was married for 67 years. Mr. Betts worked in the Corning area as a contractor building houses, businesses and churches. He was a member of the Erwin Valley Christian and Missionary Alliance Church where he was actively involved in various church functions and served on many committees. He was preceded in death by a sister, Laura Morgan in 1995.
            He survivors include his sons, Lester (June) Betts of (living - withheld), Robert (Valerie) Betts of (living - withheld), Paul (Carol) Betts, Jr. of (living - withheld), and Layton (Barbara) Betts of (living - withheld); two brothers, Glen (Gertrude) Betts of Curtis and Clarence Betts of Tampa, FL; 13 grandchildren; 25 great-grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews.
            Friends may call on Friday from 1-3 PM at the Erwin Valley Christian and Missionary Alliance Church where funeral services will be held at the conclusion of calling hours at 3:00 PM with Rev. Gary Brown officiating. Burial will be in Fairview Cemetery, Painted Post.
            Memorials may be made in his name to the Erwin Valley Christian and Missionary Alliance Church Building Fund, 10 Mills Avenue, Painted Post, NY 14870.
            Arrangements are by Phillips Funeral Home, 17 W. Pulteney St., Corning, NY.

Orpha M. Betts
Orpha M. Mattison
(1901 - 1991)
"Genealogy of the Betts-Robbins" (1995)
Provided by: Paul T. Betts, Jr.

Obituary - "The Leader" - Saturday, August 3, 1991
Orpha M. Betts
            Painted Post - Orpha M. Betts, 89, 323 Village Manor died Friday, August 2, 1991 at Three Rivers Health Care Center.
            She was born September 2, 1901 in Harrison Valley, Pa., to Curtis and Amelia Warriner Mattison. She and Paul T. Betts were married April 10, 1923 in Corning. She was a member of the Erwin Valley Christian Missionary Alliance Church and had been a bible teacher at the Steuben County Day Care Center for 10 years.
            Surviving are: her husband of 68 years, Paul Betts; four sons: Robert Betts and Lester Betts, both of (living - withheld), Paul Betts, Jr. of (living - withheld), and Layton Betts of (living - withheld), 13 grandchildren and several nieces and nephews.
            Her sister, Gladys Smith and brother Lester Mattison, predeceased her.
            Calling hours will be 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Sunday at Carpenter's Funeral Home. A funeral service will be 5 p.m. Monday in the Christian Missionary Alliance Church, Erwin Valley, the Rev. James T. Krouse and the Rev. Andrew R. Kerr, grandsons-in-law, officiating. Burial will be in Fairview Cemetery, Painted Post.
            Memorials may be made to Missionary Alliance Church Foreign Missions, 9 Mills Ave., Painted Post 14870.

Paul & Orpha Betts Grave
Paul Tracy Betts, Sr.
(1903 - 2000)
Orpha M. Mattison
(1901 - 1991)
Fairview Cemetery
Painted Post, Steuben Co., NY.

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