"Genealogy of the Betts-Robbins" (1995) by: Paul T. Betts, Jr.
Pages 81 & 82

Leamon John Betts
Leamon John Betts
(1899 - 1989)
"Genealogy of the Betts-Robbins" (1995)
Provided by: Paul T. Betts, Jr.

            Leamon was born April 10, 1899 to Tracy and Estella Betts. He was born in Mossy Glen now known as South Corning. Laura got Leamon started going to young peoples. It was then that he started going with Laura's girlfriend Ellen Hawks. They were engaged for a while then they broke up. He went to Northside High School completing 10th grade. Later he pursued business courses at Elmira Business College.

            During The 1st World war Leamon was called into the National Guard and was sent to guard the Aqueduct that went to New York City so that it wouldn't get poisoned.

            He worked for the Painted Post Development Co. in his early years. He worked on a row of houses on Rand Ave.. Leamon, Paul, a painter and another carpenter went to Plainfield, New Jersey to work on a house for a man that worked for the Painted Post Development office in New York City. After the project was done he stayed there in New Jersey.

            While he was in New Jersey he met Kathryn Miller and married her on June 22nd, 1929. Kathryn was born February 9th, 1899. Her mother, Louisa came over to this country in her 20's along with her daughter Anna. She married Louis around 1893. This was Lewis' 2nd marriage and he had a daughter, Mary by his previous marriage. Beside the 2 step sisters Kathryn had 2 sisters and 1 brother.

            Leamon and Kathryn had one son Lee born April 16, 1934 in Linden, New Jersey. He became pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church in Lantana, Frederick, Maryland which has an enrollment of 4,000.

            Leamon worked on numerous construction jobs during the early years of the depression. In 1933 he was offered and accepted a job as plant foreman for the American Cyanimid Company in Linden, New Jersey. In 1937 he and his family moved from Linden to Garwood after he had purchased a hardware store in Westfield, where he worked when he wasn't employed by American Cyanimid.

            Following World War II Leamon worked with his brother Paul for a year building homes in Painted Post, New York. In 1946 he returned to Westfield to begin work as an independent contractor until he retired in 1964. In 1947 with the assistance of his brother Paul he built a home on Fair Acres Ave. in Westfield. He served for many years on the Session of the Garwood Presbyterian Church. He became an avid canoer, camper, and traveler during his retirement years.

            Kathryn passed away on December 16th, 1960.

            Leamon married Pauline Potaski on June 16th, 1966. She was born 3/4/1914 and passed away on April 5th, 1989. After Pauline passed away, he at the age of 90 left Westfield to spend his final eight months of his life with his son Lee and his wife, Marjorie in Frederick, MD. Leamon passed away on December 22nd, 1989. He and his wives Kathryn and Pauline are buried in Fairview Cemetery, Westfield, New Jersey.

Leamon John 'Leam' Betts
Leamon John "Leam" Betts
(1899 - 1989)
Kathryn Alice Miller
(1899 - 1960)
Pauline D. Potaski
(1920 - 1989)
Provided by: Suzanne Siegel

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