WWII Wall of Valor @ Ancestral Archives
Wall of Valor
(Those depicted in purple were lost while in the service of our country)
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World War II (1939 - 1945)
Adams, Hamilton Betts SGT, U.S. Army Air Corps  
Adams, Ralph D. Pharmacist Mate 3, U.S. Navy  
Alger, Andrew J. PVT, U.S. Army  
Alpaugh, Chester Frank WOJG, U.S. Army  
Anderson, Arthur William U.S. Army Air Corps, 90th Bomber Group  
Anderson, Cannon Christian PFC, U.S. Army  
Anderson, Charles Ward 34th Evacuation Hosp. (MI)  
Anderson, Kent Rand U.S. Navy  
Anderson, Sheridan Reuben U.S. Navy - Radio Technician  
Andreasen, Conn LaMonte "Andy" SFC, U.S. Navy aboard the USS Stevens (DD-479)
Andreasen, Denny L "Chips" TEC 5, U.S. Army  
Andreasen, Howard DeLoy PVT, U.S. Army  
Andrejko, Michael U.S. Army  
Arnaz y de Acha, Desiderio Alberto "Desi", III$ U.S. Army (U.S.O.)  
Arnett, Ronald Joseph TEC 4, U.S. Army  
Arnsbarger, Arthur Lewis T/SGT, U.S. Army (Signal Corps)  
Arnold, Stanley Watson COL., U.S. Army Operation Overlord, Invasion of Normandy (Utah Beach)
Aronhalt, Roger Newton U.S. Navy aboard the USS Benner (DD-807)
Ashley, Lewis Delmar U.S. Navy - Naval Air Corps  
Aubuchon, Julian Branch 89th Inf. Band POW, Purple Heart
Austin, George Robert PFC, Medical Dept.  
Austin, Russell Raymond PFC, U.S. Army  
Bacon, Albert Lee   Received a citation from Gen. George Patton for his part in the construction of the longest bridge across the Rhine River
Bailey, Justus Conant U.S. Army Silver Star; Purple Heart
Baker, Alice Caroline [Lovell] AUX 1 CL SPEC WAAC  
Baker, George Poindexter WARRENT OFFICER, U.S. Coast Guard aboard CGR 297
Baker, Obyr Glenn U.S. Army - 1st Cav.  
Bancroft, Albert A. U.S. Army, 3851st Quartermaster Corps; 10th Air Force; 14th Air Force (Flying Tigers) Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters
Barber, James B CPL, U.S. Army  
Barber, Ray Albert PFC, U.S. Army  
Barnard, Paul Jackson, Jr. LT (jg), U.S.N.R. (IL) MIA - March 27, 1946
Barnes, Benjamin Richard "Dick"    
Barnes, Frank Warren Fulks    
Bartholomew, Kenneth Romayne PFC, U.S. Army  
Bastian, Robert Henry TEC 5, 54th Gen. Hosp.  
Bauer, Robert Franklin "Bob" PVT, U.S. Army  
Bean, Robert Badger "Badge" U.S. Army, 301st Inf., 94th Div. Oak Leaf Cluster and a Bronze Star with 2 Purple Hearts w/Oak Leaf Cluster and a Bronze Star
Beardmore, Keith Duane U.S. Army Air Force  
Becker, Harold R. TEC5, U.S. Army WWII, Korea
Beckwith, Charles Robert "Bob" U.S. Army WWII, Korea
Bedient, Andrew LaVere "Bud" U.S. Army, 14th Amd. Div.  
Beers, Sherman Johnson LT COMMANDER, U.S. Navy  
Bell, George Terry U.S. Navy  
Bell, Rudyard Kipling U.S. Army Air Corps  
Benedict, Carl Ersley SF1, U.S. Navy  
Bennett, Russell Edmond LTC, U.S. Army (Career) Battle of the Bulge
Benson, Raymond Lewis SO3, U.S. Navy  
Bentley, Carl Frank M/SGT, U.S. Air Force WWII, Korea
Bentley, Gerald Augustus PFC, HQ 473rd QM GP  
Beskin, James Ernest CPL, U.S. Army Air Force  
Betts, Albert Raymond "Ray", Jr. U.S. Army  
Betts, Allen Walker U.S. Army  
Bice, Charles D. PFC, U.S. Army  
Biehl, Orval Stanford Tec 5, U.S. Army  
Bingenheimer, Willard G. "Bing" CAPT, U.S. Army  
Bird, Alvin Warren SC3, U.S. Navy  
Bird, Alva William M/SGT, U.S. Army WWII, Korea, Vietnam
Bird, Kenneth Parley M/SGT, U.S. Navy  
Bird, Leo L. U.S. Army  
Bird, Shelby "John" U.S. Army  
Bird, William L. "Bill" U.S. Army  
Bixel, Clair Dale 1947 - October 1969, CM/SGT, U.S. Air Force (Retired) January 1942 - 1947 U.S. Army Air Corps; 1965 - Air Force Commendation Medal
Black, Elmer Edward 1st LIEUT, U.S. Army  
Black, Irma Ethelyn [Brown] CAPT, U.S. Army (Nurse)  
Black, Ralph L. TEC3, U.S. Army WWII; Logan, IA Fire Dept.
Bliss, Leon Earl, Jr. PFC, Bat. A, 211th Field Arty. Bn.  
Blood, Frederic Whitman LCDR, U.S. Navy (CA)  
Bloomquist, Paul Hale U.S. Army  
Bobrick, John U.S. Navy  
Bobrick, Peter Charles Jr. New York Guard, Co. C, 21st Regt. November 17, 1943 - June 23, 1944
Bockelie, John Sverre CPL, U.S. Marine Corps  
Boman, Donald Adrian PVT, U.S. Army - 5th Army, 363rd Inf., 91st "Powder River" Div.  
Bomberger, Luther "Luke" SGT, U.S. Army  
Bomberger, Russell W. M/SGT, U.S. Army WWII, Korea
Bonnett, Leonard Gravase "Bud" CPL, U.S. Army (MN), U.S. Army Air Force  
Boone, Earl Everett   WWII, Korea, Vietnam
Booth, Clarence Onwendel PVT, U.S. Army Air Corps  
Boughan, Junior Lewis "Skeeter Bonn"$ U.S. Navy aboard the USS Hope (AH-7)
Boughan, Paul Edwin Abraham U.S. Army  
Bower, Harry Thomas, Jr. RADARMAN 3C, U.S. Navy d. January 6, 1945 off Kouri Island, Okinawa, Japan aboard the USS Emmons (DD-457), his body remains aboard.
Bowers, Wilmer Bernel    
Boyer, Elbert H. SGT, U.S. Army Air Corps - 424th Bomb. Sq. (MI) April 13, 1943
Brace, Clayton George U.S. Army  
Brace, Kenneth M. S/SGT, U.S. Army  
Brace, Raymond L. SGT, U.S. Air Corps  
Bradley, Richard Louis, Sr. S1, U.S. Navy aboard the USS Boyd (DD-544)
Bragg, Russell Winfield U.S. Navy  
Brereton, Wilkie Hill RADM, U.S. Navy Commanding Officer of the LST flotilla credited with making the first landing on the beach of Iwo Jima during WWII
Brockway, Horace Ezra Metcalf "Brocky" U.S. Army Army of Occupation Medal; Germany World War II Victory Medal; American Campaign Medal; European African Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with 4 Battle Stars
Brooks, Clarence L. U.S. Navy  
Brown, Kenneth Elmer SGT, U.S. Army  
Brown, Raymond Henry Lebanon County, PA Draft Board  
Brown, Robert William TEC5, U.S. Army Air Force - 8th Army, 42nd Inf. Rainbow Div.  
Brown, William Louie "Bill" U.S. Navy  
Bryan, Raymond U.S. Army  
Bryant, Clyde Simuel U.S. Navy  
Bryant, Kenneth Milton PFC, U.S. Army  
Bucher, Jerrold Roy CAPT, U.S. Army - 10th Mountain Inf. Div.  
Bunting, John Daniel PFC, U.S. Army  
Burdick, Donald L. PFC, U.S. Army  
Burdick, Jesse Eugene 3rd Armored Div.  
Burke, Vinzina Tolman "Tol" U.S. Army  
Burr, Charles Meade SHIP'S COOK C1, U.S. Navy  
Burrows, Philip Frederick U.S. Air Force (Aircraft Engine Mechanic)  
Bush, George Herbert Walker "Poppy"$ LIEUT. J.G., U.S. Navy (Aviator) - Torpedo Sq. (VT-51) Distinguished Flying Cross
Buswell, James Oliver, III    
Camenga, C. Meade "Mike" U.S. Navy WWII, Korea
Canfield, Lorne J. U.S. Army  
Capretz, Arnold James PFC, U.S. Army - AT Co., 410th Inf.  
Cargill, Burton Floyd SGT, U.S. Army  
Carleton, Ralph Herbert, Rev. U.S. Army, 101st Airborne (Paratrooper)  
Carley, Gerald Roland PVT,  
Carley, Ronald Fenton EM 1/C, U.S. Navy  
Carpenter, Richard Gene U.S. Navy  
Case, George W. PFC, U.S. Army Air Forces (IL)  
Cashion, Stewart Wilson TEC5, U.S. Army  
Cavosie, Felix Silvio S/SGT, U.S. Army Air Forces  
Chambers, Charles Herman "Monk" PVT, U.S. Army  
Champlain, Franklin Leon PFC, U.S. Army Air Corps (Machinist)  
Chapman, Richard F. U.S. Coast Guard  
Chase, Robert Dexter, Jr. 1st LIEUT., U.S. Army  
Claire, Wayne F. U.S. Army, 215th Field Artillery Battalion, Battery B Battle of the Bulge
Clark, Maurice Lyle U.S. Army  
Clausen, Robert C.    
Coast, Harry Elmer    
Cole, Donald Clinton "Don" U.S. Navy  
Cole, Edgar Richard SGT, U.S. Army  
Cole, George Washington, Jr. TEC5, U.S. Army  
Cole, Jackson Wilbur "Jack" MAJ, U.S. Army Air Corps B-17 Flying Fortress Pilot
Cole, Lee Henry CPL, U.S. Army WWII, Korea, IN State Trooper
Purple Heart
Cole, Leland B. U.S. Army European Theatre
Cole, Robert John U.S. Marine Corp Air, South Pacific  
Cole, Ruth Lucille [Zuber] CAPT, U.S. Army (Nurse) Bronze Battle Star and various Theater ribbons
Cole, Walter Ogle SGT. Light Amd. Div. (KS)  
Colegrove, Henry B. "Hank" CPL, U.S. Army - 99th Inf. Div. "Battle Babies" Wounded at the Battle of the Buldge and received the Purple Heart.
Collier, William H. PFC, U.S. Army  
Conklin, Lester Edward, Jr. S 2/C, U.S. Navy 1943 South Africa
Constine, Eugene Dewitt, Sr. F2, U.S. Navy  
Cook, Austin R. PFC, U.S. Marine Corps  
Cook, Charles Francis CSM, U.S. Army WWII, Korea, Vietnam
Cook, Charles W. 2nd LIEUT, Bomber Pilot  
Cook, Clarence Edwin PVT, U.S. Army, 30th Inf. d. November 4, 1944 France
Cook, Harold Corwin 2nd LIEUT, 8th Air Force, 44th Bomb. Gp., 67th Bomb. Sq. (IL) Navigator aboard B-24D Liberator #41-23818. d. February 16, 1943 over the English Channel, his body was never recovered. Air Medal; Purple Heart.
Coon, Neil L. PVT, U.S. Army  
Coon, Raymond James PFC, U.S. Army, Co. G, 3rd Bat., 508 P.I. (KIA) d. July 3, 1944 Basse-Normandy, France (Invasion of Normandy).
Corthell, Richard Joseph, Sr. S/SGT, U.S. Army Air Forces; U.S. Air Force WWII; Korea
Coyler, Edwin Tillman CDR, U.S. Navy  
Crandall, Duane Meredith 1st LIEUT, U.S. Army Air Force  
Crandall, Fordyce Leslie, Sr. U.S. Army, 436th Signal Corps, Co. B, Heavy Construction Bn  
Crandall, Richard Claire "Dick" Chief Yeoman, U.S. Navy WWI, WWII
Crandall, William Green MAJ, Med. Corps (CO)  
Crane, Frank S. S/SGT, U.S. Marine Corps (ID)  
Creese, Philip Guy, MD CAPT, U.S. Army  
Crego, Warren H. CAPT., U.S. Army Air Force (Airplane Navigator)  
Crider, Royce Rudolph S1, U.S. Navy  
Crookston, Nathan Done FN, U.S. Navy (UT)  
Curtis, Kirk Moffitt U.S. Marine Corps  
Curtis, Ramon Ritchie U.S. Army  
Dalton, Louie Amaziah SK3, U.S. Navy  
Darnell, James H. "Big Jim" SM/SGT, U.S. Air Force WWII, Korea, Vietnam
Davis, Amo L., Jr. PFC, 712th Mil. Police Bn. (NY)  
Davis, Edgar E. U.S. Army  
Davis, Edgar "Keith" U.S. Army, U.S. Navy WWII, Korea
Davis, Harold R. 1ST LIEUT, U.S. Army  
Davis, Hollis Church U.S. Navy  
Davis, Milton Deland, MD U.S. Army Medical Corps (WI)  
Davis, Roger Erlo S/SGT, U.S. Army Air Force  
Davis, William Edward "Ed" U.S. Navy  
Dayley, Cecil Basil PFC, U.S. Army  
Dean, Forrest Edward "Bill" U.S. Army Air Corps  
Dearinger, Hilton E. SP 1, U.S. Navy  
DeLooza, Emiel Henry MOMM3, U.S. Navy  
Denhoff, William Edward S1, U.S. Navy  
Detwiler, Frederick Smith SGT, U.S. Marine Corps  
Deuchar, Kenneth C. U.S. Army  
Dewey, Jesse Conrad PFC, U.S. Army Air Forces (ID)  
Dillman, James Russell U.S. Navy  
Dills, Charles Everard 27th Fighter Bomber Group, 522nd Squad  
DiMaggio, Joseph Paul "Joltin Joe"$ SGT, U.S. Army Air Corps February 17, 1943–September 1945 Discharged due to Chronic Stomach Ulcers
Dixon, Jerry L. RDM, 3C U.S. Navy  
Dixon, Joseph Orin "Joe" CGM, U.S. Navy (NE)  
Doke, Cecil Emmett "Jack" S2, U.S. Navy Prisoner of War: Wake Island (Japanese)
Douglas, Chester Harvey, Jr. TEC 5, U.S. Army  
Douglass, Eleanor Catherine [Roberts] Y2, U.S. Coast Guard  
Douglass, Herbert Perry "Herb" BM2, U.S. Coast Guard  
Douglass, Marguerite A. [?] SGT, U.S. Marine Corps  
Douglass, Stuart E. PVT, U.S. Army  
Dowling, Edward Churchill "Eddie" U.S. Army  
Downer, Arthur H. TEC5, U.S. Army  
Drake, Donald R. 1SG, U.S. Army  
Dunning, Leon Llewellyn SGT, U.S. Army  
Dunning, Robert R. SGT, U.S. Army Air Corps  
Dunscombe, Cecil "Edward" John Ferdinand Merchant Marines & U.S. Army Convoy PQ-17
Dunscombe, John Albert LIEUT, U.S. Army, 34th Div.  
Durgan, Lyndon Edwin CPL, U.S. Army  
Eastin, Patricia Jane [Irish] U.S. Navyy  
Edgerton Jr., Bryant Clinton T/SGT, U.S. Army Air Force  
Edmonds, Roy William, Sr. U.S. Navy  
Egan, Arthur Delos U.S. Army  
Egan, Donald Eugene U.S. Army  
Egan, Llewellyn Bert U.S. Army  
Emerson, Thomas Kennety PVT, U.S. Army  
England, Harley H. SGT, Btry B, 420th AAA Gun Bn (WA) Purple Heart
Erskine, Clayton Allen S2, U.S. Navy  
Farr, Russell L.    
Farrand, Carlton Kenneth "Ham" M/SGT, U.S. Army  
Fenton, William MAJ, U.S. Army  
Fingar, R. Cole U.S. Army  
Fingar, Virginia Myrtle [Schwehm] U.S. Army Nurse Corps  
Fish, Raymond L. PFC, U.S. Army - 175th Inf., 29th Inf. Div. (NY) d. March 1, 1945 Germany; Purple Heart
Fisher, Neal L. U.S. Navy  
Flanders, Donald Redmond TEC3, U.S. Army  
Flickinger, Howard D.    
Fondren, Thomas Joseph "Tom" U.S. Army  
Ford, Gerald Rudolph "Jerry", Jr.$ U.S. Navy U.S. CONGRESS GOLD MEDAL (Pub.L. 105–277, 112 Stat. 2681-598); (born Leslie Lynch King Jr.)
Ford, Philip Russell 1st LIEUT, U.S. Army 306th Inf., 77th Div. d. December 9, 1944 Silver Star; Purple Heart
Friend, Joseph Richard S/SGT, U.S. Army  
Fuller, Richard Calvin U.S. Navy  
Fuller, Winfield Harold PFC, U.S. Army  
Fullmer, Eugene S. PFC, U.S. Army (UT)  
Funk, John Rex GMI, U.S. Navy  
Funkhouser, Roland Lester HQ 2nd Bn., 311th Inf.  
Furse, Orin Albert U.S. Army  
Gadrow, Alfred L. LIEUT, U.S. Navy WWII, Korea
Gamble, William Ellis, Rev. WWII - U.S. Army Air Corps (Navigator),
Korea - MAJ, U.S. Army (Chaplain)
Gardner, Donald Gordon CMOMM, U.S. Navy Chief Motor Machinists Mate aboard the USS Glennon (DD-620)
Gardner, Gene S/SGT, U.S. Army Air Force -
B-24 Tail Gunner, 784th Bomb. Sq.
d. April 8, 1944 while on a mission over New Brunswicke, Germany
Gardner, Glen Wilbur U.S. Navy  
Gardner, Irene Doris [Bartholomew] AUX 1 CL SPEC WAAC  
Gardner, Lester PVT, U.S. Army, 134th Inf., 35th Inf. Div. (ID) d. September 28, 1944 Nancy, France
Gardner, Winslow Green 1st LIEUT, U.S. Army Air Corps - B-17E Co-Pilot,
64th Bomb. Sq., 34th Bomb. Gp. (UT)
d. June 1, 1943 East New Britian, Papua, New Guinea
Gaylor, Sheldon L. U.S. Army Air Corps  
German, Milton Burton    
Getgen, Harry E. S/SGT, 645th Bomber Sq.  
Giles, Elsie [Mitchell] 2nd LIEUT, U.S. Army  
Giles, Malcolm R., Jr. 2nd LIEUT, U.S. Army Purple Heart
Gilliam, Riley Thomas T/SGT, U.S. Army Air Force - 435th Trp.Carr. Gp. (OR)  
Gleason, Chapman L. PFC, U.S. Army  
Goodrich, James Claude "Jimmie", Sr. U.S. Navy  
Gordinier, Clarence G. PFC, U.S. Marine Corps Res.  
Gore, Robert E. CPL, U.S. Army  
Gorton, Ernest Fay MAJ., U.S. Air Force  
Gorton, James Russell    
Gorton, John Lewis    
Gorton, Paul Nathaniel 124th Amd. Engr. Bn.  
Gould, Fred Irwin EN 1, U.S. Navy  
Gould, George Henry PFC, U.S. Army  
Graham, Basil Alonzo U.S. Air Force  
Grant, Orva LaVern PFC, U.S. Army  
Gray, Charles Elmer EM2, U.S. Navy  
Green, George G., M.D. U.S. Marine Corps  
Green, Marguerite E. U.S. Navy WWII, Korea
Green, Virgil Alden U.S. Army Air Forces  
Green, Walter C. "Bud" TEC 3, U.S. Army  
Gribble, Lloyd James PFC, U.S. Army Good Conduct Medal, African Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with 4 Bronze Stars; participated in the Battle of the Bulge
Gridley, Robert Reid MAJ, U.S. Army Air Forces (PA)  
Grieshober, William Herman MM/3C, U.S. Navy  
Grimes, Albert Leslie PVT, U.S. Army  
Guthrie, Bernard H. CPL, U.S. Army, 106th Div., 423rd Inf. POW: December 1944 - June 1945
Guthrie, Earl PFC, U.S. Army  
Guthrie, Ed "Eddie" U.S. Army  
Guthrie, Harold LaRue    
Guthrie, Raymond Ellis SGT, U.S. Army, 398th Inf.  
Gutstadt, Leon Robert TEC4, U.S. Army  
Hager, William G. TEC5, U.S. Army  
Haight, Betty Jane [Kline] CPL, W.A.C.S.  
Haight, Ernest Leroy U.S. Army Air Corps  
Hainer, Guy George Edward PVT, U.S. Army  
Hainer, William J. T-4, U.S. Army - Co. A, 40th Tank Bn. d. August 28, 1944 in France
Hall, Frank Rufus M/SGT, U.S. Army WWII, Korea, Vietnam
Hall, Milton Harry U.S. Marine Corps Fought in the Battle of Iwo Jima
Hamilton, Floyd Carlton T5, U.S. Army - 88th Div., 5th Army  
Harden, Maurice F.    
Hawkins, Leonard M. TEC 5, U.S. Army  
Hawkins, Stanley R. S/SGT, U.S. Army, 104th Inf. Reg., 26th Inf. Div. (NY) d. November 8, 1944 France
Hayes, Clyde Raymond    
Hayes, Frank William CPL, U.S. Army, 517th Pcht. Inf. d. February 8, 1945 Germany
Hayes, Floridan Henry (1926 - )    
Hayes, John Floridan ( - 1985) U.S. Navy  
Hayes, Manley J. PVT, U.S. Army Air Force - 926th Tech. Sch. Sq.  
Hayes, Oakley Harold, Sr. U.S. Army  
Hayes, Ralph Swarthout, Jr. U.S. Army Air Force  
Hazen, Floyd Willard U.S. Navy  
Hemminger, Glendale Burdett (1928 - 1963) PFC, Quartermaster Corps (MI)  
Henderson, Benjamin William "Bennie" CPL, U.S. Marine Corps (AZ)  
Hickman, Ernest Grant U.S. Navy  
Hill, George Raymond T/SGT, U.S.Army Air Force -
451 Bomber Sq., 322nd Bomber Gp M(edium) - Radio Gunner
d. July 8, 1944 Chateau de Ribeaucourt, France
Hilleary, William Allen U.S. Army  
Hills, Walden Evert "Bud" TEC 5, 513th Pcht. Inf., Co. H  
Himebaugh, Lloyd Dayne S2, U.S. Navy  
Hirst, Robert Scott U.S. Army Battle of the Bulge
Hlopko, John T. 1st SGT, U.S. Army - Co. E, 10th Inf.  
Hoblet, Howard Henry U.S. Army, 11th Cav. Grp, Mechanized  
Hollingsworth, James U.S. Army - 40th Inf. Wagoner Supply Co.  
Hollingsworth, John R.    
Hollmann, Harold Paul PVT, U.S. Army  
Hollmann, William Arthur "Bill" CSM, U.S. Army; U.S. National Guard  
Holsen, Roland G." U.S. Army Air Forces  
Hoover, Albert K. PFC, U.S. Army  
Hope, Clifford William "Cliff" PVT, U.S. Army  
Hoskins, Clada Lee "Red" PFC, U.S. Army  
Hotaling, Ralph Allan PFC, U.S. Army - 305th Inf. Band (NY)  
Hotalen, Gilbert J. SGT, U.S. Army Air Corps  
Houghtaling, Howard C. AMM2, U.S. Navy  
Houghton, DeWitt Asa PFC, U.S. Army Air Force  
Hoyle, Walter "Hartsell" TEC 5, U.S. Army  
Hufschmid, Madalyn "Lynne" [Andreasen] PFC, U.S. Marine Corps  
Hufschmid, Willard Virgil "Bill" PFC, U.S. Army  
Hunt, George M. (1923 - 2015) U.S. Army Air Corps  
Hutchins, Edward Arthur "Ted" U.S. Marine Corps  
Hyde, Albert Ransom U.S. Army  
Hyde, Harold Wayne CPL, U.S. Army  
Illum, Robert G. S/SGT, U.S. Army  
Ireland, Robert Neal 1st LIEUT, 350th AAF Fighter Sq. d. March 7, 1944 Cambridge, England
Irish, Harold Booth S/SGT, U.S. Army A driver for Generals MacArthur and Eisenhower.
Ivie, Glen PFC, U.S. Army - Co. I, 35th Inf.  
Jackson, Daniel H. S/SGT, U.S. Army  
Jackson, George Steven U.S. Navy  
Jackson, Hugh Lyle U.S. Army Participated in the Invasion of Normandy & the Liberation of France
Jacobs, Donald Wallace TEC 4, U.S. Army  
Jacot, Robert E.    
Jarvis, Joseph William, Jr. TEC4, U.S. Army WWII; Korea
Jenkins, George Marion   WWI, WWII, Korea
Jenkins, Vaughn Morgan PFC, U.S. Army - 27th Inf. (ID) d. March 30, 1945 Philippines
Jennings, Robert Woodrow U.S. Army Air Corps  
Jewkes, Dale L. (Pilot)  
Jimeson, Oscar Herbert U.S. Army  
Johns, Claude W. S2, U.S. Navy  
Johnson, Arnold S. C. TEC 5, U.S. Army  
Johnson, Bernard Ell EM3C, U.S. Navy  
Johnson, Charles Daniel "Charlie" PFC, U.S. Army  
Johnson, Francis Lee OM3, U.S. Navy  
Johnson, Leo Dale SGT, U.S. Army Air Corps  
Johnston, Arthur Bowen LIEUT,  
Johnston, Willis Abner   WWI, WWII
Johnstone, Everett Henry "Bud" TEC 4, U.S. Army  
Jones, Charles Francis    
Jones, Juanita Mae [Fouty] S1, U.S. Coast Guard  
Jones, Sheldon William PVT, (OH)  
Juran, Steve Gregory SC3, U.S. Coast Guard  
Karcich, Victor John TEC5, U.S. Army  
Karns, Ralph Howard    
Keller, Robert Anthony "Tony" U.S. Army  
Kelly, Eugene Leroy "Lefty"   Operation Overlord, Invasion of Normandy (3rd wave)
Kenyon, Albert Williams S/SGT, 455th Bomb. Sq., 323rd Bomb. Gp. - RI (KIA) d. September 9, 1943 over London, England
Kemp, Warren Potter SK1, U.S. Coast Guard (FL)  
Kerrigan, John "Jack" U.S. Army Air Corps  
Kerrigan, Paul U.S. Air Force  
Kester, Frederick Perry TEC 4, U.S. Army  
Ketchum, William Clinton U.S. Army Air Corps  
Kimble, Franklin Gordon, Sr. U.S. Army, 5th Div. of Red Arrow  
King, Nathan Hugh "Nate" LCDR, U.S. Navy WWII, Korea, Vietnam
King, Roland Vernon 2ND LIEUT, U.S. Army (PA) Med Corps, 373 Station Hospital d. November 24, 1944
Kirk, Donald Milton TEC 5, U.S. Army  
Kleckner, Marlin O.    
Kline, Miriam June LIEUT, U.S. Army (Nurse)  
Kline, Robert Nelson, Jr. U.S. Navy (Sonar Operator)  
Knight, John Lawrence "Larry T/SGT, U.S. Army Air Force WWII, Korea, Vietnam
Knowles, Robert Hawley PO 3C, U.S. Army  
Kozacek, Louis PFC, U.S. Army  
Kramer, Leslie T/SGT, U.S. Air Force - 81st Bomb. Sq., 12th Bomb. Group "Earthquakers"  
LaFine, Kenneth A. U.S. Navy  
Langford, Robert CTM, U.S. Navy  
Lantz, Odie L., Jr.    
Larsen, Milton Henry U.S. Navy V-5 Program
Laverentz, Alvin Leroy AM3 USNR  
Lawrence, Carl C. U.S. Army  
Lawton, Boyd Rollin PFC, U.S. Army  
Lawton, Bruce Willard S/SGT, U.S. Army (UT)  
Learn, Elwyn A. "Learnie" U.S. Army Air Force  
Leathers, Jack Stephen S1, U.S. Navy  
Leavitt, Kenneth Alfred CPL, U.S. Marine Corps  
LeBaron, Donald H. S/SGT, U.S. Army  
Lee, Eldon James "Pappy" U.S. Army  
Lehman, Charles Albert, Jr.    
Lehman, David Robert PFC, 26th Bn., Co. C, 2nd Platoon; 719th Railroad Bn.  
Lehman, Everett Lockwood "Eddie", Jr. PFC, 1562nd U.S. Army Air Force Base Unit  
Lehman, George Leonard U.S. Navy  
Lehman, Harold Keller "Red" T5, U.S. Army - 9th Med. Bn., Co. D  
Lehman, Harry Walter U.S. Army  
Lehman, Jack Benson 1ST LIEUT, U.S. Army - 7th Inf., 3rd Div.  
Lehman, Leonard George PVT, BTRY B, 80th FA BN  
Lehman, Levere Torrence U.S. Air Force, Line Mechanic  
Lehman, Ralph Franklin    
Leist, Claude Melville PFC, U.S. Army  
Leonard, William Arthur    
Lippicott, Wayne Curtis U.S. Navy  
Lippitt, Frederick 1st LIEUT, 91st Inf. Bronze Star; Purple Heart
Lock, George Maurice 1LT, U.S. Army  
Lofley, John Charles, Jr. S1, U.S. Navy  
Loofboro, Elmer Leslie    
Loofboro, Vernon L. U.S. Navy  
Louder, Lloyd J. U.S. Navy  
Lounsberry, George Crary U.S. Army  
Lounsberry, Harold Claire (1923 - 2008) LIEUT COL - WWII, Army Reserve (Retired)
Lounsberry, Ray Chancel CAPT, U.S. Navy WWI, WWII, Korea
Lowder, Eldon Lewis U.S. Navy  
Lowder, Richard Kenner ARM3, U.S. Navy  
Lozier, Nelson Russell    
Lundy, Roscoe "Ross" PVT, U.S. Army  
Mair, William LaVar "Bud" S/SGT, U.S. Army  
Manchester, Ernest L. CPL, U.S. Marine Corps  
Manning, Eugene Carr CAPT, U.S. Army Air Force - 7th Fighter Wing, Aircraft Warning & Control Sq.  
Manoogian, Armond PFC, U.S. Army  
Markle, LeRoy E. U.S. Army  
Markle, Richard B.    
Marsh, Edward James CMSGT, U.S. Air Force (Retired) WWII, Korea, Vietnam
Marshall, Ernest Carl U.S. Army  
Martin, Colson W. PVT, U.S. Army  
Martin, Deloris Irene "Dee" [Lehman] W.A.C.'s  
Martin, Neal Rodgers U.S. Marine Corps  
Martin, Robert Earnest PVT, U.S. Army - 328th Inf., 26th Div. d. January 25, 1945, Belguim (KIA)
Marts, Frederick D. S1, U.S. Navy  
Marvin, Lee$ U.S. Marine Corps, "I" Co., 24th Marines, 4th Marine Div.  
Marvin, Robert D. PFC, U.S. Army Air Force (Artist)  
Marvin, William J., Sr. PVT, U.S. Army  
Maxson, Bruce C. U.S. Navy  
McCallum, Chester Ray U.S. Army  
McCallum, Hugh Burdick U.S. Army, Military Police & Eng. Corps  
McCaslin, Willard Ray U.S. Army  
McClain, Clarence Edward "Mickey" 1st SGT,  
McClain, Walter Lee "Mickey"    
McCoy, Howard Monroe "Mac" COL, U.S. Air Force  
McCullough, George James U.S. Army Air Corps  
McEwen, Albert Brice TM2, U.S. Navy WWII, Korea
McGowan, Donald Paul LIEUT, U.S. Army Air Force d. August 7, 1943 Killed in a crash during training in a B-17 Flying Fortress
McGuire, Kenneth U.S. Army Med. Corps  
McLean, Bruce Charles U.S. Army Air Corps  
McMenemy, Edward Hollister CAPT, U.S. Navy WWI, WWII
Merrill, Charles B. CPL, U.S. Army  
Merrill, Ira Wesley CPL, U.S. Army Air Force, 593 Base Unit  
Merrill, Leslie D. CPL, U.S. Army  
Mersino, Mathew George S2, U.S. Navy (MI)  
Metarko, George P. PFC, 1848th Service Comd Unit  
Miller, Benson VanFleet SGT, 903 SIG CO DEPOT AVN (NY)  
Miller, Kermit Alvah U.S. Army, 108th Inf. Bronze Star
Miller, Melvin "Clifford" PVT, U.S. Army (MN)  
Miller, Vernon Victor HQ Bn. 897 FA Bn.  
Mills, Dee TEC5, U.S. Army  
Mitchell, Sheldon Banning CPL, U.S. Army  
Mitchell, Wildorado "Wilda" U.S. Navy (WAVE)  
Monfredi, Michael Anthony U.S. Army Air Force  
Montgomery, Pierce D. T/SGT, U.S. Army - Co. F, 133rd Inf. (IA) Bronze Star, Purple Heart
Moore, Earl Vincent S/SGT, U.S. Army  
Moran, James Joseph, Jr. U.S. Army  
Morehouse, Edward Lester U.S. Air Force  
Morgan, Jacob Van CM1, U.S. Navy (FL) WWI, WWII
Morris, Austin (1909 - 1969) LIEUT, U.S. Navy  
Morrison, William Bailey CAPT, U.S. Marine Corps (Ordnance Officer)  
Mosher, Gerald Almond "Jud" TEC 4, U.S. Army  
Moyer, Willard J. PVT, U.S. Army - Co., A, Quartermaster Training Regt.  
Murray, Richard Sheldon CAPT., U.S. Marine Corps (CA)  
Myers, Emery Francis U.S. Army  
Myers, John Lester    
Myers, Leonard Wayne TEC 4, U.S. Army - 114th Inf.  
Nagle, James Robert   WWII; U.S. Coast Guard (Retired)
Neilson, Claire B.    
Nelson, Harold Theodore SH2C, U.S. Navy WWII; Korea
Nelson, Robert Walter U.S. Navy  
Newton, William Fayette U.S. Army  
Nicholls, Leonard Llewellyn "Bud" PFC, U.S. Marine Corps (CA)  
Nicholson, Douglas Robert LIEUT, U.S. Navy  
Nixon, Ivan Tracy "Nick" SST, U.S. Army Air Corps - 26th BN, Co. C., 2nd Platoon  
Nixon, Jessie Louise [Greenfield]  
Nixson, Kenneth Albert U.S. Navy  
Nixon, Lewis S1, U.S. Navy aboard the USS Frazier (DD-607) and USS Pennsylvania (BB-38)
Nixon, Richard Milhous$ LIEUT. COMM., U.S. Navy  
Norris, John Maxwell U.S. Marine Corps  
Norris, Manley Ammerman, Jr. S2, U.S. Navy  
Norris, Robert Harry    
Northrop, Wendell Eugene TEC 4, U.S. Army  
Oakley, Robert B. U.S. Navy  
Olmsted, Russell Marion PFC, U.S. Marine Corps (SD)  
Orchard, Hezzy Franklin U.S. Navy  
Ormsby, Edward A. TEC 5, U.S. Army  
Ormsby, Walter Clayton SM3C, U.S. Navy  
Osgood, Arthur Herbert CAPT, U.S. Navy aboard the Destroyers USS Gherardi (DD-637) and USS Welles (DD-628)
Otis, Leon George    
Owens, Julius Harvey "Dude" TEC 5, U.S. Army  
Pack, Orville Lee SF1C, U.S. Navy - 40th Seabee, Co. A, Naval Construction Btl.  
Palmer, Dale Edmund PFC, 105th Inf,, 27th Div. (ID) April 29, 1945 in Okinawa, Japan
Palmer, Dean Lewis U.S. Navy  
Pardee, Stewart Trevor, Sr. U.S. Navy  
Paro, Donald J., Sr. U.S. Army (Medic)  
Parsons, Leon C.    
Payne, Horace L. MMG2, U.S. Navy  
Pearce, William B. S/SGT, U.S. Army  
Perkins, Charles Ardin CPL, U.S. Army  
Peterson, Eugene Max "Gene" T/SGT, U.S. Army Air Corps WWII, Korea
Petrie, Frederick George "Fred" U.S. Navy WWII, Korea
Phifer, Robert E., Jr. PFC, U.S. Army  
Phillips, Ray George U.S. Army  
Phifer, William F. GM1, U.S. Navy (OK)  
Pierce, Lyle C. PVT, U.S. Army  
Piney, James B. PVT  
Place, Marshall Howard S/SGT, U.S. Army WWII, Korea, Vietnam
Plique, Leon Sylvester, Jr. PVT, U.S. Army Air Corps  
Powers, Hayden Arthur U.S. Navy  
Pruitt, Willis U.S. Army - 161st FA, Bty. C Invasion of Normandy
Prussak, Rudi B. PFC, U.S. Army  
Pullman, Emmett Henry "Pem" T/SGT, U.S. Army  
Quayle, James Cline "Jim U.S. Marine Corps  
Ramsey, Lloyd Larene CAPT, U.S. Army  
Randall, Willard Henry "Bud" TEC 4, U.S. Army  
Ransom, John William PFC, U.S. Army  
Rathbun, Amos Forrest PVT, U.S. Army  
Reagan, Ronald Wilson "Dutch"$ 1st LIEUT, 18th Army Air Force Base Unit
(First Motion Picture Unit)
U.S. CONGRESS GOLD MEDAL (Pub.L. 106–251, 114 Stat. 624–625), shares with wife Nancy.
Remington, Walter Leroy CPL, U.S. Army Air Corps  
Richards, Vernon Lloyd U.S. Marine Corps - 1st Marine Air Wing  
Richardson, Robert Allen    
Richardson, Victor R. PFC, U.S. Army  
Richert, Franklin T. U.S. Navy  
Ritch, Leo Coy PFC, U.S. Army - HO Co., 611th TD BN (FL)  
Robbins, Hubbard W. A. F. 15  
Robbins, Leonard Emil PFC, U.S. Army  
Roberts, Delbert Earl PFC, U.S. Army Air Forces  
Roberts, Loren M. PFC, U.S. Army  
Robertson, Floyd Eldon CPL, U.S. Marine Corps  
Rockwell, Gertrude E. WAAC  
Rockwell, Paul Ayers U.S. Air Force WWI, WWII
Rockwell, Phillip Daniel SGT, 1874th Engr. Avn. Bn., Co. C  
Roe, Ernest Edward U.S. Army, Military Police  
Rogers, Robert John U.S. Army - 14th Armored Div.  
Rogers, William Alfred U.S. Army - 774th Tank Destoyer Bn  
Rohrabacher, Maynard S. PFC, U.S. Army  
Ross, Abigail Lippitt "Abby" [Doolittle] U.S. Navy (Wave)  
Ruthart, Feliz TEC 5, U.S. Army  
Sachs, Robert Emmett S1, U.S. Navy (CA) - Retired  
Sachs, Theodore Roy "Ted" Btry. A, 674th Parachutes FA BN, 11th Airborn Div. d. September 14, 1945 U.S. Occupation Force - Japan (KIA)
Sachs, William Allen "Bill" U.S. Army  
Sallada, Ralph L. TEC5, 482 AAA AW CAC BN (PA)  
Sanders, William Alfred U.S. Army, 69th Engineering Topographical Company WWII, Korea
Sanderson, William A. T/SGT, U.S. Army Air Force  
Sanford, Dennis Curtis PVT, U.S. Army  
Sanford, Edgar Bradley MAJ, U.S.A.F. (Navigator)  
Savely, George Benjamin "Ben" U.S. Army  
Scannell, Anthony James CPL, U.S. Army  
Scherfenberg, Burt Melvin T/SGT, U.S. Army  
Schneider, Peter U.S. Army  
Scott, Chuck Earl U.S. Navy  
Scott, Jackson George PFC, 179th Inf., 45th Div. (MI)  
Scott, L. Eugene "Scotty" U.S. Navy  
Secor, Andrew M. U.S. Air Force  
Secor, John A. SM 2, U.S. Navy  
Secor, William Basil BM, U.S. Navy  
Seiser, Marjorie [Betts] PVT, U.S. Army  
Seiser, Virgil Owen T/SGT, U.S. Army Air Force  
Sheldon, Leonard Arthur "Len" U.S. Navy  
Sherman, Harold Edward    
Shilling, Ira Light PVT, U.S. Army  
Shinabarger, Delbert Stanley CPL, U.S. Army WWII, Korea
Shutter, Donald M. PVT, U.S. Marine Corps  
Simcox, James SGT, U.S. Marine Corps  
Simcox, John W. PVT, U.S. Army - 589th FA BN, 106th Inf. Div. (PA) d. March 19, 1945, Germany
Simmington, Frank Edgar CWO, U.S. Army  
Singer, Harold "Fred" U.S. Navy  
Sisson, Harold F., Sr. SGT, U.S. Army Air Corps  
Sisson, Harry R. PVT, U.S. Army  
Sisson, Joseph ( - ) U.S. Navy  
Sisson, Robert Charles, Sr. SGT, U.S. Army Air Force  
Small, Edward Herbert U.S. Army Air Corps  
Small, Walter J. SGT, U.S. Army  
Smith, Berny Lee TEC 3, U.S. Army  
Smith, Charles Clinton U.S. Army  
Smith, Claude B. PFC, U.S. Army  
Smith, Howard A. U.S. Army  
Smith, Howard Bucklin LTC  
Smith, Leslie K. PFC, U.S. Army Purple Heart
Smith, Oliver Hale (1909 - 2000) 1st LIEUT, U.S. Army  
Smith, Richard Earl U.S. Army  
Snarr, Cyril Everett "Cy" CPL, U.S. Army Air Force  
Snarr, Lowell Dean U.S. Army  
Snook, Burton Royce "Burt" U.S. Navy  
Snyder, Charles Lynn PFC, U.S. Army WWII, Korea
Snyder, Kendrick Mann S2C, U.S. Navy Reserves d. August 4, 1943 Warden, Grant Co., WA in a Troop Train Accident while on leave enroute to San Francisco, CA.
Soule, Albert Boyd U.S. Army  
Southard, Worden Cornelia "Bun or Jake" U.S. Army  
Spagna, George Fredric, Sr. S/SGT, U.S. Army  
Spiller, Herbert Henry, Jr. CAPT, U.S. Air Force - 327th Bomb. Sq. (AR)  
Sporague, Glenn Eugene SGT, U.S. Army  
Sproul, Frederick Chester "Freddie", Jr. U.S. Army Air Corps (Aircraft Engine Mechanic)  
Stanley, Clarence Vernon MAJ, U.S. Army  
Stanley, Lois E. [Brizzee] LIEUT, U.S. Navy  
Stanley, Norman Mark T/SGT, U.S. Army Air Corps  
Stansfield, Lenard LaVar    
Stanton, Courtland Chester, Sr. SM1, U.S. Navy (Seabees)  
Stanton, Freeman Francis S/SGT, U.S. Army February 14, 1945 Philippines (Plane Crash)
Stenhouse, Alexander David (1924 - 2008) TEC 3, OSS 101  
Stillman, Albert Clark, Jr. U.S. Navy  
Stilson, Chester Benton U.S. Army  
Stilson, Lesley G. CPL, 139th AAF Base Unit  
Stilson, Steven John PVT, U.S. Army  
Stimpson, Charles E. S/SGT, 509th AF Bomb Gp  
Stockbridge, Harry Eugene U.S. Army  
Stockton, Walter Sylvester "Dusty" U.S. Army  
Strait, Willard Burdette    
Strausbach, David Carlisle SGT, U.S. Army - Coast Artillery Corps  
Stuart, Robert Ramsey (1921 - 1944)   November 21, 1944
Styck, Kenneth Frederick U.S. Army  
Styck, Raymond Leroy    
Sutherland, Jack Lawrence U.S. Army Signal Corps  
Svaleson, Raymond Kenneth    
Tallman, Alfred Darius 3384th QM Truck Co.  
Tallman, Donald Rex CAPT, U.S. Navy (Career) WWI, WWII
Tarlton, Robert Richie BM3, U.S. Navy WWII, Korea
Taylor, Albert S., Sr. U.S. Army  
Taylor, Thomas Martin PFC, U.S. Army, 306th Inf., 77th Div. Severely wounded in the Battle of Leyte, Philippines, Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Cluster, Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.
Terry, Lester S/SGT, U.S. Army Air Force - 8th Air Force, 306th Bomber Group - B17 Waist Gunner Shot down December 20, 1943, December 20, 1943 – May 3, 1945, Stalag 17B at Krems, Voitsberg, Steiermark, Austria
Thomas, Roger Sherman U.S. Army  
Thompson, Edward Franklin PVT, U.S. Army - 12th Inf., 4th Div. (UT)  
Thompson, Walter Frederick, Jr. CPL, U.S. Army Purple Heart - wounded near Bagio, Luzon, Phillipines
Thorngate, Gordon G. TEC 3, U.S. Army  
Tillotson, Guy H. S/SGT, 1907th SVC COMD Unit  
Tilson, Alvin E. TEC 4, U.S. Army  
Tilson, Glenn G. CPL, U.S. Army  
Tilson, Lattie Estil SGT, U.S. Army  
Tilson, Oscar E. U.S. Army Bronze Star, Purple Heart
Tita, George Jr. T/SGT, U.S. Army  
Tita, John U.S. Navy  
Tita, Paul M. MOMM3, U.S. Navy  
Tobey, Robert L. SSM3, U.S. Navy  
Tompkins, Clarence Howard S/SGT, U.S. Army Air Forces  
Tompkins, Clifford Adelbert U.S. Army (Radio Operator & Tank Destroyer) Battle of the Bulge
Tompkins, Harold Irwin MAJ, U.S. Army  
Tompkins, Phillip Worth U.S. Army Air Forces  
Tompkins, Wilson Lamar "Chief" TEC4, U.S. Army Purple Heart
Towner, William H. (1924 - 2000) U.S. Navy  
Trumbly, Marne M. U.S. Army, 338th Combat Engineers Div.  
Trutt, Sterling Daton U.S. Navy  
Van Deusen, George William U.S. Army, Co. B, 47th Inf.  
Van Deusen, Ralph Eugene CPL, U.S. Army  
Van Horn, Eugene Taylor "Gene" CAPT, U.S. Army - 20th Air Force  
Van Sant, Benjamin Esley "Bennie" PVT, U.S. Marine Corps  
VanSickles, Dorothy CPL, U.S. Army  
VanSickles, Theodore TEC3, 9818 TECH SVC UNIT (NJ)  
Veden, Earl "Budd" PFC, U.S. Army  
Verelli, Rocco Anthony SPEC, U.S. Army Air Corps  
Vokulick, George U.S. Army  
Vokulick, Michael    
Voris, Roy Marlin "Butch"$ CAPT., U.S. Navy (Aviator)- Fighter Sq. 10 (VF-10) Founder of the "Blue Angels"
Wagaman, Edward Ellis U.S. Army Good Conduct Medal
Walker, David Roy, Sr. S/SGT, U.S. Army - 42nd (Rainbow) Div. Took part in the liberation of the Dachau Concentration Camp in Dachau, Bavaria, Germany.
Walker, Joseph Hoyt SGT, 101st Signal Bn  
Walker, Woodrow Wilson S/SGT, U.S. Army  
Wall, Leonard James U.S. Navy  
Walters, Gwilliam Chester "Bill" PFC, U.S. Army  
Walrath, Armol Frank Sr. U.S. Marine Corps  
Walrath, Arnold Oscar U.S. Marine Corps  
Warner, Frank H. PVT, U.S. Army  
Watson, Dean E. S1, U.S. Navy  
Weaver, Edward W. SGT, U.S. Army  
Webb, John Crawford "Jack" CAPT, U.S. Navy WWII, Korea
Weise, Kenneth Eugene GUNNERY SGT, U.S. Marine Corps  
Weise, Wesley McConnell "Happy" PVT, U.S. Army  
Welsh, Harold Vincent U.S. Army  
Welgoss, Theodore Peter LT COL, U.S. Air Force WWII, Korea
Welker, Bion Cofrode COL, WWII, Korea
Wellman, Austin William CWO, U.S. Army  
Wheaton, Robert C. TM3, U.S. Navy  
Whipple, David W. CPL., U.S. Marine Corps (NY)  
White, Alta LaRue [Oviatt] PVT U.S. Army  
White, William Edward "Bill" PFC, U.S. Army  
Whitford, William Sylvester CPL, U.S. Army Inf. (NY) Bronze Star, Purple Heart
Whitman, Leroy Galen "Farmer" U.S. Navy  
Wiggins, Wendell Warner    
Wollen, Aaron E. CPL, U.S. Army Air Force - 301st Base Unit (NE)  
Woodruff, William "Burr" U.S. Army, 88th Inf. Div., 313th Engineer Combat Battalion  
Wren, Clarence E. "Tut" S/SGT, U.S. Army - 109th Inf., 28th Div. (NY) September 17, 1945 Germany
Wright, Virgil Wesley U.S. Navy  
Wright, Willet Henry, Jr. S/SGT, U.S. Army - 242nd Inf., 42nd Inf. Div. (WA) March 15, 1945 near Wingen, France
Wyant, William Monte U.S. Army  
Yale, Keith Carrol U.S. Army Air Force  
Yost, Harold Charles "Bud" 3rd CLASS PETTY OFFICER - U.S. Navy  
Yost, Sanford Floyd PFC, U.S. Marine Corps  
Younglove, Robert John PFC, U.S. Army  

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