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Wall of Valor
(Those depicted in purple were lost while in the service of our country)
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World War I (1914 - 1918)
Adams, Hamilton, Jr. PFC, U.S. Army  
Alderson, William J. "Will" PVT, 5th Co., 161st Depot Brigade (WI)  
Aldrich, Carl Milton, Jr. CPL, U.S. Army, Motor Trans. Corps  
Aldrich, Ralph Johnston 2nd LIEUT, 347th Fld Arty, 91st Div. (IL)  
Alger, Elery Leslie PVT, 63rd Spruce Sq.  
Anderson, Reuben Christian    
Arnold, Frank Edwin PVT, Co. F., 314th Inf.  
Balch, Robert Co. D, 27th Inf.  
Barrow, Vernon Mitchell "Vern"    
Baumgardner, John Harrisont PVT, 30th MG Bn., 10th Div (MO)  
Benshaw, Jacob A. PVT, Co. F  
Betts, Carroll Adelbert    
Betts, Leamon John "Leam" National Guard, Co. C, 4th Inf. NY  
Bird, Kelsey Charles (1896 - 1969)    
Birdsall, Emory E. PVT, 307th AERO SQ  
Birdsall, Roy SGT, U.S. Army - 55th Depot SVC, Co. ASC  
Birks, Claude Martin CPL, 1st Util. Co. Cons. Div. QMC (CA)  
Bogart, Humphrey DeForest$ U.S. Navy  
Bohlander, Gordon Harold U.S. Army, 23rd Inf., Co. K  
Bohrer, Clarence Edgar SGT, OMC (IN)  
Boltz, Ralph T.    
Bossen, Jackson Harrison    
Bowes, David Martin 1st LIEUT., U.S. Army  
Bragg, Nathan M. PVT, 40th Balloon Co.  
Brown, Alexia Kathleen [Goodrich] PVT, Woman's Army Corps  
Brown, David Andrew PVT, U.S. Army  
Brown, Orley C. PVT, d. October 10, 1918
Brown, William "Ralph" U.S. Army, 135th Field Arty., Bat. C  
Browning, Artie E. PVT, U.S. Army - 163rd Inf, 41st Div (DC)  
Bryan, LeRoy PVT, U.S. Army - Co. A School Troops, COFS  
Bryant, William Oswald PFC, 168th Inf. (FL) Purple Heart
Buckles, Leroy Keith "Roy"    
Buckner, Roy Alvan, M.D.    
Burdick, Arthur Everett "Art" U.S. Army  
Burdick, Elno Staysa PVT, Co. C, 1st Bn Repl. Tng. Cen. (PA)  
Burgener, John C. PFC, 3rd Training Bn. SIGC (CO)  
Burlingham, Earl CPL, 357th Inf., 90th Div.  
Bush, Prescott Sheldon, Sr.$ U.S. Army, Field Arty.  
Buswell, James Oliver, Jr.$ 1st LIEUT, U.S. Army, 140th Inf. (Chaplin)  
Caldwell, Robert Terrell PVT, Med. Repl. Unit (FL)  
Carl, Burr Edward CPL, U.S. Army - Quartermaster Corps & Military Police (PA)  
Carriger, Walter R. PVT, U.S. Army, 12th Inf., 8th Div. (OH)  
Chambers, Lloyd L.    
Chandler, Marvin H. Cook Gen. Hosp. 19 (FL)  
Chatfield, Charles Joseph "Charlie" SGT, U.S. Army - Co. H, 160th Inf.  
Child, Bradford S2, USNRF (NY)  
Clark, Paxton Lance    
Clarkson, Charles MECH HO CO 157th Inf. (WY)  
Clinton, Irvin Clifford PFC, U.S. Army  
Clow, Lyle Lloyd PVT, U.S. Army - Co. I, 110th Inf. (IA)  
Clowes, Philip J. PFC, Co. C, 72nd Engineers  
Cole, Clyde Clayton PFC, U.S. Marine Corps (IN)  
Cole, Carroll W. PVT, Squad. B, Troop H, 1st NY Cav. d. October 10, 1918 Pneumonia caused by Spanish Influenza Pandemic
Cole, Earl Orting PVT, 101st Field Arty. Bn.  
Cole, Perry Chase U.S. Army - Co. G, 328th Inf.  
Cole, Roy Charles PVT, 101st Field Arty. Bn.  
Coleman, Benjamin (1875 - 1955)    
Combs, Edgar Leslie (1895 - 1963) PVT, U.S. Marine Corps (KS)  
Conklin, Lester Edward, Sr. CPL, Co. L, 4th Cav. (NY)  
Conrad, Lester H. S2, U.S. Navy (IL)  
Coon, Wallace W. 1st LIEUT, U.S. Army Medical Corps (WI)  
Coons, Clyde Alvin CPL, 309th Trench Mortar Bn. (IN)  
Copp, Sterry Orin PFC, U.S. Army  
Corbett, Elliott Spencer, Sr. U.S. Army  
Cowley, John Milton WAGR, U.S. Army  
Crandall, Richard Claire "Dick" Pilot WWI, WWII
Crego, Harold Allen Chauffeur 246th Aero Sq. (NY)  
Croft, Scott W. U.S. Army  
Crosson, Homer MUS 3 CL, Artillery CAC (CO)  
Crosson, Ray L. CPL, Co. B, 219th Fld. Sig. Bn. (MI)  
Curtis, Erastus Ray SGT, U.S. Army - 362nd Inf., 91st Div.  
Dartt, Rexford H. PFC, U.S. Army  
Davis, Frank Lewis BAND CPL, U.S. Army  
Deal, Albert A. CPL, 26th Inf., 1st Div. (IA)  
Dennison, William U.S. Navy  
Derby, Sylvester Randall U.S. Navy Commander of a Destroyer
Douglas, Chester Harvey CPL, U.S. Army  
Douglas, Harry Max    
Douglas, Oscar    
Douglass, Ercell Bernard Ohio National Guard - SGT, 55th IA, Co. H (Bernard Douglass);
WWI - 1LT, Co. C, 168th Inf., 42nd Div (IA)
Dowling, Michael Thomas U.S. Army, 378th Airplane Sq.  
Dunning, John Cameron PVT, Canadian (Quebec) Inf. d. April 16, 1917
Eckler, Benjamin Delos "Bennie" CPL, 14th Co., 14th Grand Div. TC (WA)  
Eckman, Harry Herbert SGT, Quartermaster Corps (MN)  
Ells, Alton Burdick PVT, 77th Div.  
England, Harry Tate PVT, Baty B, 146th Fld Arty (WA)  
Fish, Stewart Snyder SGT, U.S. Army - Bty. B, 27th F.A. (Supply) 
FitzRandolph, Wardner Titsworth    
Flanders, George Hiram DDS CAPT, U.S. Army - Med Corps  
Florey, Paul Eugene U.S. Army Air Corps  
Furse, Ernest Harry    
Garthwaite, Harlow Benton    
Garthwaite, Lester Bernard    
Gipson, Corwin Elroy LIEUT, Air Services  
Goodrich, David Marvin COL, a member of Gen. John J. Pershing's staff Spanish-American, WWI
Goodrich, George Kirkwood CPL, U.S. Army  
Goodrich, Thelma May [Koch] SK2, U.S. Navy  
Granville, Robert SGT, U.S. Army (MI)  
Grassley, Austin Winslow PVT  
Gravatt, Earl Dean 13th KS Inf., Co. D  
Gray, Charles Elmer EM2, U.S. Navy  
Guthrie, Verus Cecil SGT, U.S. Army  
Hale, George Warren 34th Div., U.S. Army  
Hammond, Floyd Austin U.S. Army  
Hart, Howard Roscoe PVT, U.S. Army - 27th Div.  
Harris, Ross Earl (1894 - 1966) PFC, U.S. Army (NE)  
Havens, Carroll H. CPL, U.S. Marine Corps - 5th Regt., 2nd Div.  
Hayes, Darwin Roger U.S. Navy  
Hayes, Ralph Swarthout, Sr. U.S. Army - Quartermaster's Corps, Motor Div.  
Hazlett, James Roy U.S. Army - 28th Engrs.  
Hemminger, Glendale "Glen" (1887 - 1940)   Spanish American, WWI
Heyd, Frank J. 2nd LIEUT, Co. E, 132nd Inf., 33rd Div.  
Higley, Charles Warren Co. B, 74th Inf.  
Hills, Elvert Ray    
Himebaugh, Lloyd Dayne U.S. Navy  
Hollmann, Otto PVT, U.S. Army  
Holmes, Lloyd Donald 338th Machine Gun Battalion, Co. B; COOK, 2nd Inf., Div. 19 (IA)  
Houser, Herman Arthur PVT, Co. I, 21st Engineers (KS)  
Howlett, Lewis Edward "Ted" PVT, U.S. Marine Corps  
Huff, Melvin Henry PFC, U.S. Army  
Huff, Myron Reed PFC, U.S. Army - Base Hospital #61  
Huff, Theodore Michael "James" National Guard, Troop K, 3rd Squad PA Cav.  
Hunt, Lee CPL, U.S. Army  
Ingraham, Harold W. PFC, U.S. Army  
Ireland, Neal Dow    
Jarrett, Russell Scott PVT, U.S. Army  
Jathro, Charles C.    
Jeffrey, William Maxson "Will" 4th Co., 20th Engineers - France  
Jenkins, George Marion U.S. Army WWI, WWII, Korea
Johnson, Hiram Clifford U.S. Army  
Johnson, James Albert U.S. Army  
Johnston, Willis Abner   WWI, WWII
Jones, Theron Henry PVT, U.S. Army  
Kaye, Walter Henry PVT, U.S. Army (WA)  
Kerrigan, Francis Peter PVT, U.S. Army - Co. D, 323rd Machine Gun Btn. (OH)  
Kline, Robert Nelson, Sr. U.S. Army  
Koons, Harry B. PFC, Evac. Hosp. 40 G. H.  
Koons, Howard E. PVT, HO Co. Replacement  
Kovacs, Frank Smith PVT, 533rd SVC Park Unit MTC (OH)  
Kuster, Albert Henry PVT, U.S. Army - iCo. E, 87th Inf. (IA)  
Lake, Ivan Taggart, Sr. PVT, U.S. Army, 2nd Btn., Chemical Warfar Service Border, WWI
Langworthy, Floyd Edwin SGT, U.S. Army  
Larsen, William Jerry   Drove Evacuation Ambulance #29
Laurie, Howard F. U.S. Navy  
Lawrence, Chauncey W. GM1, U.S. Navy - WWI & Korea Great White Fleet (1905 - 1909)
Lee, Milo Webb U.S. Army  
Lehman, Rowland Ritchie, Rev. CPL, U.S. Army - Med. Dept.  
Lieberknecht, Ray Tracy U.S. Army, 23rd Inf., Co. K fought in Ardenne
Littlefield, Orville Mellen CPL, 14th Engineers (MA)  
Lounsberry, Ray Chancel LIEUT, U.S. Navy WWI, WWII, Korea
Lowder, Lewis LeRoy WAGR, U.S. Army  
MacLeish, Archibald$ U.S. Army  
MacLeish, Kenneth LIEUT, Royal Air Force - 213rd Sqdn.(Aviator #74),
U.S. Navy Aviator (IL)
Medals: Navy Cross; the destroyer USS MacLeish (DD-220) was named for him.
Markle, LeRoy E. U.S. Army  
Markle, Richard B.    
Matteson, Leslie H. WAGONER, U.S. Army  
Matteson, McClure C. (1894 - 1964) WAGONER, HQ DET 313 MG BN  
May, Arthur William   Military Cross
May, Francis Loren PVT, 14th Canadian (Quebec) Bn. d. June 3, 1916 Mount Sorrel, West Flanders (West-Vlaanderen), Belguim
Maxson, Charles Seymour    
Maxson, Raymond Barker U.S. Army  
McBurney, Raymond Earl PFC, 340th GD & Fire Co. (NY)  
McClure, Thomas Lisle "Tom" PVT, U.S. Marine Corps (IL)  
McEwen, Albert S. PVT, U.S. Army - 47th Inf. (FL)  
McEwen, Emmit B. PVT, U.S. Army - 9th FA Repl. Depot (FL)  
McMenemy, Edward Hollister CAPT, U.S. Navy WWI, WWII
McMenemy, Mary Gertrude [Corcoran] Y1, U.S. Navy  
Merrill, Charles Alonzo U.S. Army, 79th Div., 314th Inf.  
Mersino, Mathew George S2, U.S. Navy (MI)  
Miller, Charles Henry    
Miller, Foster    
Miller, LeRoy B.    
Miller, Ray Daniel, DVM 1LT, Veterinary Corps  
Miner, Ross Halford "Hal" CAPT, U.S. Army Med Corps (VT) stationed at Camp Greenleaf, GA
Morgan, Jacob Van CM1, U.S. Navy (FL) WWI, WWII
Mosher, Howard Jabez CPL, U.S. Army  
Moulton, Maynard Webster AS, U.S. Navy  
Moulton, Ralph Chandler U.S. Navy (ME)  
Muthersbough, Jacob Alfred Cook Inf. (IL)  
Myers, Harry Andrew U.S. Army, 2nd BN, 155th Brigade  
Nelson, Walter E. ACM2, U.S. Navy (MN)  
Niblack, Albert Parker RADM, U.S. Navy  
Norton, Richard Blish U.S. Navy  
Olin, Orvis F. J. PVT, Ambulance Co. No. 4 - Ft. William McKinley  
Pack, Floyd Ivan AS, U.S. Navy (CA)  
Pass, George Lincoln PVT, U.S. Marine Corps  
Pepper, William Earl    
Phillips, Walter George PVT, U.S. Army  
Pierce, Palmer Eddy BRIG. GEN. - Commanding officer of the 54th Infantry Brigade, 27th Division Spanish-American War, Philippines, WWI - Distinguished Service Medal
Porter, Frederick L. PFC, 302 Repair Unit MTC (CT)  
Post, Charles M., M.D. CAPT, Camp Hospital Staff at Camp A. A. Humphrey, Washington D.C.  
Reed, Martin Edward PVT, MC Co., 21st Inf.  
Rich, Everett Davenport PVT, Btry. B, 54th Arty. CAC (ME)  
Ripley, James L. PVT, 69th Balloon Co. Air Svc  
Rockwell, Kiffin Yates$ (1892 - 1916) French Foreign Legion d. September 23, 1916 Verdun, France (KIA)
Rockwell, Paul Ayers French Foreign Legion (WWI) WWI, WWII
Rooney, Lawrence Robert C.    
Rothgarn, Hubert Andrew 48th Co., 20th Engrs. (CA)  
Sachs, Emmett Roy CPL, Co. D, 55th AMMO TN CAC (CA)  
Sanders, William Herbert Co. G, 74th Inf.  
Sanford, Arthur Hall    
Sanford, Charles Briscoe (1887 - 1946)    
Schaner, Raymond F. PFC, U.S. Army  
Schwinn, Edwin Reed U.S. Army, 112th Eng., Co. B  
Scott, Walter Nathan  
Seager, Harry Bernard U.S. Army, Ambulance Corps  
Shadle, Frederick Ambrose PVT, Co. D, School Troops  
Shadle, Harvey D. PVT, U.S. Army  
Sharp, Kenneth F. PVT, U.S. Army (PA) - 15th U.S. Engineers d. October 17, 1918, France
Shepardson, Charles Noah CAPT, U.S. Army  
Sherman, Harley B. U.S. Marine Corps  
Shoemaker, Charles S. 109th FA  
Siggins, Donald Hugh CPL, U.S. Army, 54th Inf., 6th Div. (PA)  
Shutter, Clarence J.    
Spicer, Veatrice Victor PFC, U.S. Army  
Sproul, Frederick Chester "Ted or Fred", Sr. PVT, U.S. Army  
Stearns, Harold PVT,  
Stevens, James Henry CPL, Co. L, 21st Engrs (SD)  
Stilson, Chester Benton U.S. Army  
Stilson, Fred Larkin    
Stimpson, Howard Lee PVT, 142nd Transportation Corp (PA)  
Straight, Burr Dexter 2nd LIEUT, 9th Inf., 2nd Div. d. October 3, 1919 France (KIA)
Tallcott, Albert Charles 1st LIEUT, 815th Pioneer Inf.  
Tallman, Donald Rex CAPT, U.S. Navy WWI, WWII (Career)
Thomas, Maxwell Shappee U.S. Marine Corps Purple Heart
Thomas, Wylie Aubrey U.S. Army  
Thompson, Charles E. PVT, QM Corps (MI)  
Thompson, Hugh Lewis SGT, U.S. Army  
Thompson, Walter Frederick "Walt" MACHINIST MATE, U.S. Navy (Submarine Service)  
Thomson, William Douglas PVT, U.S.Army - Co. H, 157th Inf. (UT)  
Tiffany, Thomas George SGT, U.S. Marine Corps  
Tirrell, Albert Wesley, Sr. SGT, U.S. Army (ME)  
Tompkins, Byrd Linn BLACKSMITH1, U.S. Navy (OR)  
Towner, Horace Cole Adjutant General's Department  
Turrill, Gardner Stilson, Sr.    
Vanaman, Homer Jackson    
Van Valkenburgh, Henry Clyde SGT, Co. B, 527th Engrs.  
Vars, Jesse D.    
Veden, Ernest Oscar PVT, Co. F, 26th Inf. (IN)  
Vought, Clarence Harvey U.S. Navy  
Waddell, Frank S. U.S. Army, 18th Btn., 75th Co. d. October 5, 1919 Syracuse, Onondaga Co., NY (Spanish Influenza & Pneumonia)
Walton, Reuben Halstead PVT, Co. L, 11th Inf. (UT) Participated in the Battle of the Argonne Forest; Purple Heart.
Ward, Max Burt    
Warren, Earl Lewis PFC, U.S. Army (ID)  
Watt, George E. (1892 - 1960) PVT, Co. C, 52nd Inf.  
Weatherbee, Phillips Read U.S. Navy  
Weeks, Frank Milton U.S. Army Air Force  
Weihonig, Charles J. PVT, 57th U.S. Arty, Co. E  
Wellman, Leon Joel PVT, U.S. Army  
Wells, Nathaniel Dewey ERI - USNRF (NJ)  
Wheaton, James Lucas, Jr. (1899 - 1979) SEA 1, U.S. Navy  
White, Hugh Johnston    
White, Pleasants Woodson U.S. Army, Rainbow Div.  
White, Tilton Hanson U.S. Army  
Whitaker, John N. U.S. Army  
Whitman, John Englebert CPL, U.S. Army  

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