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Wall of Valor
(Those depicted in purple were lost while in the service of our country)
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Unknown Service
Alden, John ( - 1687)$ Capt., Myles Standish's Duxbury Company MAYFLOWER
Alger, Willard PVT,  
Anderson, Dean Valios "Bud" U.S. Marine Corps  
Austin, John Dutcher "Red" U.S. Army  
Bailey, Thomas Hamlet LIEUT COL, U.S. Army LB  
Baker, Orlo O. U.S. Marine Corps  
Baker, Wendell Wayne U.S. Army  
Ball, James A2C, U.S. Air Force (1956 - 1960)  
Bancroft, Clinton E. PVT, 77th Inf., 14th Div.  
Banks, Courtney U.S. Army - Military Police  
Bartholomew, Eugene Willard AN, U.S. Navy (CO)  
Bartholomew, Ronald Emerson U.S. Coast Guard  
Bartholomew, Wallace Edward "Wally" U.S. Army 1945 - 1946
Bateman, Rick U.S. Air Force (Career)
Becraft, Thomas Arthur U.S. Army  
Bedient, Donald J. PVT, U.S. Army (Career)
Bedient, Stanley Melvin "Jack" U.S. Air Force  
Benedict, Robert Ivan "Ikey", Sr. U.S. Navy (Career)
Bentley, Clemont Ray U.S. Army  
Bentley, Roland Barr U.S. Army  
Bergeson, Fredrick William "Bill" U.S. Navy (Pilot)  
Betts, Larry SFC, AK ARNG  
Betts, Larry William, Sr. A2C, U.S. Air Force (1957 - 1961)  
Betts, Leonard Leroy U.S. Army; U.S. Marine Corps  
Betts, Robert Martin "Bobby", Jr. U.S. Navy (1964 - 1970)  
Betts, Thomas Raymond U.S. Navy  
Bingham, Theodore Alfred U.S. Army (Career)
Bissonnette, George Joseph U.S. Air Force  
Bloomer, John Leroy U.S. Army  
Bluethgen, Ernest Frederick MAJOR, U.S. Army  
Bohlander, Ray C. U.S. Air Force  
Bonney, Russell Dean "Russ" U.S. Army  
Brassard, Bernard Boyd U.S. Marine Corps  
Brassard, David Phillip A2C, U.S. Air Force (1958 - 1966)
Brown, William U.S. Air Force; U.S. Navy  
Browning, George C. U.S. Air Force  
Butera, Raymond S. Main Army National Guard  
Butler, Ford M. U.S. Air Force  
Carlson, Richard Willis "Dick" SSGT, U.S. Air Force  
Chapman, Alfred L. U.S. Army  
Chapman, Donald Erwin U.S. Army  
Cole, George Washington (1864 - 1902) U.S. Army  
Collier, Miles Henry SGT, 15th Cav.  
Collins, William R. SP4, U.S. Army  
Colvin, Frank Reginald SSGT, U.S. Navy  
Cook, Don R. PVT, U.S. Army  
Coots, Frederick L., Sr. U.S. Army  
Copp, Sumner M. "Stanley Fort Randolph, Panama Canal Zone  
Cowley, Charles Emery PVT, U.S. Army  
Crandall, Terry David PRAN, U.S. Navy  
Crandall, Wayne Everett U.S. Army  
Cronan, William Pigott CAPT, U.S. Navy  
Cunningham, Otto "Ross" CHIEF MSGT, U.S. Air Force (Career)
Daningburg, Norris Wayne U.S. Navy  
Davie, Frank E. 10th NY Inf., Co. B  
Davis, Milton Deland, Jr. U.S. Marine Corps  
Dayley, Ronald Cecil MSGT, U.S. Air Force  
Denardo, Jack Dante COL, U.S. Air Force  
Douglas, Arthur Lloyd U.S. Navy  
Dunscombe, Bruce Edward CAPT, U.S. Navy (1972 - 2002)
Dunscombe, Cecil U.S. Navy (Paymaster Dept.)  
Edenfield, Seever King U.S. Navy (Retired)  
Errickson, Susan Virginia [Webb] U.S. Army, Nurse's Corps  
Errickson, Willard Joseph, Jr.    
Ferbert, Arthur James U.S. Army  
Fitch, James John CAPT., Militia  
Forbes, William Reineman U.S. Ari Force  
Furse, Tyrell Seager U.S. Air Force  
Gardner, Glenn Devier U.S. Army  
Gibbs, Michael J. U.S. Army  
Goodrich, Gideon (1764 - 1842) COL, Militia  
Graham, George Wellington    
Gransbury, Danny U.S. Navy  
Green, Chloe Beverly [Hammond] U.S. Army  
Green, Clinton Jesse "Jerry" ET2, U.S. Navy  
Griswold, Clinton John MAJ, U.S. Army, Military Police (Retired)  
Hall, Lloyd W. U.S. Army (Retired)  
Harris, MacKay Leon "Mack" U.S. Navy  
Hathaway, Carl W. LIEUT COL., U.S. Air Force  
Hauer, Harold Elmer RMSA, U.S. Navy (PA)  
Heston, Robert Richard PFC, U.S. Army  
Higley, Frank Horace, II U.S. Marine Corps  
Hill, Willard Seaman, U.S. Navy - USS Essex (also Civil War)
Himebaugh, Larry Dayne Seaman, U.S. Navy, Dental Corps  
Hollister, Gideon (1699 - 1785) LIEUT. - Militia  
Houghton, James David U.S. Army  
Howard, Kenneth K. MUS1, U.S. Navy (MN)  
Hutchins, Dale Willis U.S. Army (Retired)  
Ireland, John Benjamin U.S. Marine Corps  
Jacobs, William, Jr. U.S. Army Air Force  
Jacobsen, Kendall Noel "Jake" U.S. Army  
Jennings, John Ellis U.S. Marine Corps  
Jensen, Darrall James U.S. National Guard  
Johnson, George Marshall A2C, U.S. Air Force  
Jones, Christopher Cy U.S. Marine Corps  
Karr, James Dale U.S. Navy  
Kauffman, Irvin Hartman LIEUT. COL., U.S. Army  
Kenyon, Grover W.    
Kerr, Bethany U.S. Air Force  
Kerr, Steven U.S. Air Force  
Kerr, Timothy U.S. Air Force  
Kerr, William U.S. Air Force  
Keyes, David C. U.S. Army  
Kline, Sara Belle U.S. Army  
Kolcun, Ronald U.S. Air Force  
Kostelecky, William Lee U.S. Navy  
Lake, Ivan Taggart, Jr. U.S. Air Force (Career)
Lane, Frank U.S. Army  
Larsen, Bruce Duane U.S. Air Force  
Larson, George Arthur, I U.S. Air Force  
Laurson, Emil P. 11th U.S. Cavalry  
Lehman, Jack Benson U.S. Army  
Lewis, Alonzo U.S. Army  
Longo, James M. U.S. Marine Corps (1956 - 1959)  
Louder, Dee R. U.S. Army  
Lowder, Royal Myrthan U.S. Air Force  
Mapes, Cecil B. CPL, U.S. Army  
Maurer, Richard Durdan LT COL, U.S. Army  
McCallum, Finley Leroy, Jr. U.S. Army  
McNeilly, James Edward U.S. Navy  
Meier, Herbert Eric U.S. Navy  
Middleton, Thomas Arthur "Tom" U.S. Navy  
Miller, Joseph Arthur U.S. Navy (Career)
Miller, Lawrence Edward U.S. Marine Corps  
Morrison, Orrie Alexander U.S. Navy & Merchant Marines  
Nichelson, Ronald L. "Ron" U.S. Navy  
Niswender, Darrell Edwin "Bob" U.S. Army  
Niswender, Darvin Nordell "Squeaky" SGT, U.S. Army  
Norris, Robin K. "Rob" U.S. Marine Corps  
Nowman, Samuel William U.S. Army  
Olmstead, William Arthur PVT, 15th MN Inf.  
Paine Charles Henry "Charlie", III U.S. Navy  
Parker, Theodore Eugene "Teddy" CPL, U.S. Marine Corps  
Peacock, Charles R. 1st OR Inf., Co. F  
Pearson, James Gareth U.S. Army  
Pitkin, Alma (1880 - 1919) PVT, 146th Field Arty, 41st Div.  
Pitkin, Thomas (1700 - 1766) LIEUT, Bolton, CT Militia  
Proper, Carl Edward A3C, U.S. Air Force  
Rankin, Arlan Eugene U.S. Marine Corps  
Rankin, Carl R. CPL, U.S. Marine Corps  
Reasor, Daniel U.S. Air Force  
Richards, Gordon Andrew "Laddie" U.S. Air Force  
Richardson, Henry Clifton U.S. Air Force  
Roatcap, Lawrence Gilbert "L.G. or Larry" (1958 - 2005) U.S. Marine Corps  
Roesler, Eric U.S. Naval Submarine Force  
Robbins, Donald Curtis    
Robbins, James N. "Jim" U.S. Army  
Robertson, Wayne Hugh U.S. Coast Guard  
Robinson, Ernest A. PVT, U.S. Army - 5th OH Inf.; 19th Inf., Co. I  
Rockwell, W. J. Kenneth U.S. Navy  
Ronsick, James Edwin U.S. Air Force (Career)
Rood, George Henry CAPT, U.S. Navy  
Rothwell, Franklin Bigney COL, U.S. Army (Career)
Sanford, Stephen Joseph U.S. Navy Career (1952 - 1972)
Saxton, Isaac Ashley CAPT, 26th U.S. Infantry (Manila)  
Schaugaard, Sabra L. WAGONER, 21st Inf., 16th Div.  
Shadle, Sherman David, Jr. PVT, U.S. Army  
Shauger, Horace Lloyd "Shaug" U.S. Navy  
Shepard, Timothy (1717 - 1776) LIEUT     March 1764: Appointed Lieutenant by the Connecticut General Assembly.
Sherman, John (1612 - 1691) CAPT of militia  
Sisson, John Edward, Sr. U.S. Army  
Smith, Richard A. "Dick" U.S. Air Force 9 years
Sopko, Mary Jean [Collier] U.S. Army  
Southard, David DeWitt U.S. Air Force  
Spalding, Robert COL,  
Spencer, William Gardner CAPT & SURGEON, U.S. Army  
Spratt, Darrell Kenneth U.S. Army (Paratrooper)  
Stewart, Robert Jack U.S. Navy  
Storer, Jerry Don SRA, U.S. Air Force  
Strait, Harold John U.S. Army  
Swain, John Henry "Jack"    
Tewksbury, Boyd E. U.S. Navy  
Thurman, Willard Carlos U.S. Navy  
Van Valkenburgh, Wood Griffith CAPT, U.S. Navy, Med. Corps  
Veazie, Bruce U.S. Navy (Retired)
Veazie, Donald Lynn U. S. Air Force  
Veazie, Paula Jeanne U. S. Air Force  
Wall, Michael J. CPL, U.S. Army  
Warner, William Henry (1812 - 1849) LIEUT, U.S. Army (Career)
Wathen, Buell Stanley 2nd LIEUT, U.S. Army Career (27 years)
Wenzel, Kenneth B. U.S. Navy  
{Wheeler}, Raymond L. Austin U.S. Army  
Whitfield, Francis Joseph "Frank" CPL, NJ Inf.  
Wood, Asher U.S. Army  
Worman, John Cromer SP 4, U.S. Army  
Wren, Burton U.S. Army  
Wren, Robert P. U.S. Navy (Aviator)  
Yost, Russell W. MAJ, U.S. Marine Corps Retired
Young, Charles Edgar SP4, U.S. Army Retired
Young, Everett Earl U.S. Army Retired
Young, Dallas Carl    

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