Wall of Valor
(Those depicted in purple were lost while in the service of our country)
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Spanish-American War (1898)
Benshaw, Albert "Bert" 11th Inf., Co. K Also August 26, 1899 - September 24, 1902 PFC, U.S. Army, 9th Inf., Co. C.
Bigelow, Charles "Henry" 1st OH Inf., Co. E  
Cals, John Anthony PVT, U.S. Army - 3rd PA Inf., Co. H  
Cole, Glen P. CPL, Co. G, 203rd NY Vols. Civil, Spanish-American
Cole, Nelson D.   Civil, Spanish-American
Cortright, Charles E. CPL, U.S. Army - 203rd NY Inf., Co. L  
Dennie, Horace CAPT  
Dewey, George$ ADMIRAL, U.S. Navy, USS Olympia (C-6) Civil, Spanish-American
Douglas, Judson Benjamin Co. G, 2nd NY Vol. Inf.  
Goodrich, David Marvin 1st U.S. Vol. Cav. (Rough Riders) Spanish-American, WWI
Hemminger, Glendale "Glen" (1887 - 1940)   Spanish-American, WWI
Lawson, Albert V. PVT, 47th NY Inf., Co. G  
Little, John E. 22nd KS Inf., Co. F  
Lofley, John Charles, Sr. SGT, 29th Inf., Co. G.  
McCrea, Tully BRIG GEN, Civil, Spanish-American
Miles, Nelson Appleton$ MAJ GEN, U.S. Army Civil, Indian (Great Plains), Spanish-American
Mills, Albert Leopold$ MAJ. GEN., U.S. Army CONGRESSIONAL MEDAL OF HONOR for actions at the Battle of San Juan Hill.
Pierce, Palmer Eddy BRIG. GEN. - Commanding officer of the 54th Infantry Brigade, 27th Division Spanish-American War, Philippines, WWI - Distinguished Service Medal
Reed, Zanoah N. "Noah"    
Shadle, Rowland W. "Rollie" 12th PA Vols., Co. H  
Tripp, Norman Patrick    

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