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Wall of Valor
(Those depicted in purple were lost while in the service of our country)
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Korea (1950 - 1953)
Albrecht, David J. U.S. Army  
Andreason, Marion AT2, U.S. Navy  
Arnold, Stanley Watson COL., U.S. Army  
Aquayo, Richard    
Bartholomew, Donald L. SN, U.S. Navy (ND)  
Bartholomew, Robert I. "Bobby" AB 3707 BSC MIL TNC SQ AF (ND) July 26, 1953
Baxter, Harry Young LTC, U.S. Army - 495th Engr. Btn. (Army Reserves of SW Iowa)  
Bebout, Wendell Leroy SSGT, U.S. Air Force  
Becker, Harold R. TEC5, U.S. Army WWII, Korea
Beckwith, Charles Robert "Bob" U.S. Army WWII, Korea
Beckwith, Eugene Gerrard "Bud" U.S. Navy  
Becraft, James LeRoy "Jim"    
Beeler, Myron Frederick U.S. Navy  
Belcher, Elvin Rexford U.S. Navy aboard the USS Soley (DD-707) as a machinist.
Bennett, Keith R. SGT, U.S. Army - 7th Inf., Div.  
Bentley, Carl Frank MSGT, U.S. Air Force WWII, Korea
Bird, Alva William MSGT, U.S. Army WWII, Korea, Vietnam
Bird, Cloyd Lynn U.S. Army  
Blake, Curtis Joseph MSGT, U.S. Air Force Korea, Vietnam
Bomberger, Russell W. M SGT, U.S. Army WWII, Korea
Boone, Earl Everett   WWII, Korea, Vietnam
Brown, Freeman R. U.S. Army  
Brundage, George Eugene U.S. Navy Korea, Vietnam
Burrows, Arvis Clayton CPL, U.S. Army  
Camenga, C. Meade "Mike"   WWII, Korea
Cargill, Lloyd Richard "Bud" U.S. Army  
Case, George Cecil "Tim" CPL, U.S. Marine Corps  
Clark, Don Farris CAPT, U.S. Air Force Korea, Vietnam
Cloutier, Cyrus Giles, Jr. SGT, HHC 3rd Bn., 51st AD Arty. (ME) Korea, Vietnam
Cole, Lee Henry CPL, U.S. Army WWII, Korea, IN State Trooper
Purple Heart
Coleman, Ray D. U.S. Navy  
Cook, Charles Francis CSM, U.S. Army WWII, Korea, Vietnam
Corn, Harold H. "Harry" S/SGT, U.S. Army - 2nd Inf. Div.  
Corthell, Richard Joseph, Sr. S/SGT, U.S. Army Air Forces; U.S. Air Force WWII; Korea
Costine, Leonard Vassar SGT, U.S. Army  
Crozier, James Robert U.S. Army (Aviator)  
Cusack, Ardley Burton "Art" U.S. Navy  
Darnell, James H. "Big Jim" SMSGT, U.S. Air Force WWII, Korea, Vietnam
Davie, Clair Lewis, Jr. U.S. Army, 34th NY Inf. Bronze Star, Purple Heart
Davie, Frank Edward (1929 - 1992) PVT, U.S. Army  
Davis, Edgar "Keith" LIEUT COM, U.S. Navy WWII, Korea
Davis, Herbert McKnight U.S. Army  
De Haven, Don Lawrence   Korea, Vietnam
Decker, Harold Emmont "Peanut" SN, U.S. Navy  
Devin, Pleasant Kevin "Plez of PK" U.S. Navy aboard the USS Saint Paul (CA-73)
Dewey, James Wesley "Jim" SGT, U.S. Army  
Dickinson, Dwight R. SGT, U.S. Air Force  
Douglass, Leonard R. U.S. Army  
Dyer, Donald Alan "Skeet" PVT, U.S. Army  
Emons, Arthur J., Jr. CPL, U.S. Army (Sharpshooter)  
Fishburn, Frederick Eugene U.S. Air Force Korea, Vietnam
Frakes, James Franklin "Jim" U.S. Army  
Furman, Wilford Alvin    
Furse, Clare Taylor U.S. Army  
Furse, Tyrell Seager U.S. Air Force  
Gadrow, Alfred L. LIEUT, U.S. Navy WWII, Korea
Gamble, William Ellis, Rev. WWII - U.S. Army Air Corps (Navigator); Korea - MAJ, U.S. Army (Chaplain)  
Ganske, James A. SGT, U.S. Army Bronze Star
Gardner, Gary Ray   WWII, Korea
Gardner, Jay Nathaniel Korea - U.S. Navy (Seabees)  
Gerean, John T. A1C, U.S. Air Force  
Green, Homer Theodore "Ted" A1C, U.S. Navy  
Green, Marguerite E. U.S. Navy WWII, Korea
Hale, Floyd Duane CPL, U.S. Army  
Hall, Frank Rufus MSGT, U.S. Army WWII, Korea, Vietnam
Hamel, Robert B. CPL, U.S. Army  
Harrington, Fred W. U.S. Army  
Harris, Elroy "Roy", Jr. CPL, U.S. Army  
Hayes, Harold Earl A1C, U.S. Air Force  
Hayes, Richard LeRoy U.S. Air Force  
Heffernan, Malcolm Eugene "Mac" U.S. Navy  
Howard, Melvin John CAPT, U. S. Air Force - 371st Bomb. Sq., 307th Bomb. Wing (CA) - B-29A Superfortress April 7, 1951 about 4 miles offshore of N. Korea.
Hunt, Donald Adrian U.S. Navy aboard the USS Firedrake (AE-14).
Ingalls, William Samuel "Bill" A1C, U.S. Air Force  
Jarvis, Joseph William, Jr. TEC4, U.S. Army WWII; Korea
Jenkins, George Marion   WWI, WWII, Korea
Kaalaas, Millard J. CPL, U.S. Marine Coprs Reserves (IL)  
Kauffman, Norman L.    
Kalish, Stanley John, Jr. BM3, U.S. Navy  
Kenyon, Alexander Clifford S SGT, U.S. Marine Corps Korea, Vietnam
Kenyon, David Langworthy U.S. Air Force (Radio Operator)  
King, Nathan Hugh "Nate" LCDR, U.S. Navy WWII, Korea, Vietnam
Kline, George Daniel U.S. Army  
Knight, John Lawrence "Larry TSGT, U.S. Army Air Force WWII, Korea, Vietnam
Lake, Brownell T. (1930 - 2013) PFC, U.S. Marine Corps  
Lawrence, Chauncey W. GM1, U.S. Navy - WWI & Korea Great White Fleet (1905 - 1909)
Lehman, David Thomas 2nd Field Arty. Btn., Bat. B  
Lehman, Robert H. "Bob" U.S. Navy  
Lester, Milford Dowd U.S. Navy aboard the USS Fred T. Berry
LeVack, Cameron Don U.S. Air Force  
Lippitt, Frederick U.S. Army, 43rd Inf.  
Lister, Raymond U.S. Army  
Lombard, Robert Edwin "Bob" PVT, U.S. Marine Corps; AA, U.S. Navy; Korea - A1C, U.S. Air Force  
Louder, Carl R. U.S. Army  
Lounsberry, Ray Chancel   WWI, WWII, Korea
Marsh, Edward James CMSGT, U.S. Air Force (Retired) WWII, Korea, Vietnam
McDaniels, Woodrow J. IC2, U.S. Navy  
McEwen, Albert Brice TM2, U.S. Navy WWII, Korea
Mead, Kenneth George SGT, U.S. Marine Corps  
McMullen, William Russell "Bill" U.S. Army  
McQueen, Phil Keith    
McQuillen, James Edward "Eddie" U.S. Navy  
Miller, Edward LeRoy "Roy" U.S. Army  
Miller, William Harry "Bill", Sr. A1C, U.S. Air Force  
Mosher, Everett Howard "Sonny", Jr. PFC, U.S. Marine Corps  
Murray, Irvine C. PVT, U.S. Army  
Nei, Richard Louis CPL, U.S. Army  
Nelson, Harold Theodore SH2C, U.S. Navy WWII; Korea
Nicholls, Leonard Llewellyn "Bud" PFC, U.S. Marine Corps (CA)  
Nicholson, Richard N. U.S. Air Force  
Nolan, Howard B. U.S. Army  
Orchard, Ellis Dean LIEUT. COL., U.S. Air Force  
Pancheri, Odell U.S. Army  
Parshall, John W. S/SGT, U.S. Air Force  
Peterson, Eugene Max "Gene" M/SGT, U.S. Air Force (Prisoner of War) WWII, Korea
Petrie, Frederick George "Fred" U.S. Navy WWII, Korea
Phillips, Lawrence William "Larry" U.S. Army Security Agency  
Plique, Leon Sylvestesr, Jr. PFC, U.S. Army Air Corps  
Place, Marshall Howard S/SGT, U.S. Army WWII, Korea, Vietnam
Pursifull, Robert PFC, U.S. Army - 17th Inf., 7th Inf. Div. June 2, 1951
Rianharet, Herbert Elvin AM, U.S. Navy  
Robbins, Glen William "Robbie" U.S. Army (Paratrooper)  
Rose, Clifford C. U.S. Army Force  
Rounds, Clifford Frederick "Kip" U.S. Army  
Sanford, Stephen Joseph LCDR, U.S. Navy Korea, Vietnam
Sanders, William Alfred TEC5, U.S. Army WWII, Korea
Schmoke, Howard E.    
Senese, John Frederick U.S. Army  
Serefine, Alfred W. U.S. Army  
Sheedy, James Lisle (1934 - 2005) U.S. Army, Military Police  
Sheldon, Paul Wilbur U.S. Army  
Shinabarger, Delbert Stanley CPL, U.S. Army WWII, Korea
Sisson, Clinton P., Jr. U.S. Army  
Sisson, Cloyce Edward PVT, U.S. Army  
Smith, Langdon George, Sr. U.S. Air Force  
Snyder, Charles Lynn PFC, U.S. Army WWII, Korea
Space, Guy Eugene U.S. Army  
Stewart, Harold Loyd U.S. Air Force  
Styck, Robert Eugene, Sr. U.S. Army  
Tarlton, Robert Richie BM3, U.S. Navy WWII, Korea
Thompson, Daid Douglas "Doug" S/SGT, U.S. Air Force  
Thompson, John Thomas CPL, U.S. Marine Corps  
Tiffany, George Bradford PVT, U.S. Army  
Tolbert, Louis Russell AL3, U.S. Navy  
Tomperi, Leo John "Jonnie" S/SGT, U.S. Army - 7th Cav. Inf.  
Treadway, James London M/SGT, U.S. Army - 7th Cav. Inf. Korea; Vietnam
Troshynski, Bernard J. SGT, U.S. Army  
Tucker, Darrell Reuben T/SGT, U.S. Air Force, Security Military Police Svc. (Career)
Turnpenny, William F. U.S. Army (Career)
Veden, Clifford R. "Skip" U.S. Army  
Webb, John Crawford "Jack" CAPT, U.S. Navy WWII, Korea
Webb, John Crawford "Rufus", Jr. CAPT, U.S. Navy WWII, Korea
Welgoss, Theodore Peter LT COL, U.S. Air Force WWII, Korea
Wenban, James Morris U.S. Navy  
Wellman, Austin William CWO, U.S. Army  
Wheaton, Jack L. SGT, U.S. Marine Corps  
Wheaton, James Lucas, IV S/SGT, U.S. Air Force  
Whitford, James Edward MD" CAPT, U.S. Army WWII, Korea
Young, Ralph Floyd    

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