Wall of Valor
(Those depicted in purple were lost while in the service of our country)
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French & Indian War (1754 - 1760)
The American theater of the Seven Years War (1754 - 1763)
Camp, Luke Capt. Stevens Co., Col. Ebenezer Marsh's Regt for relief of Ft. Wm Henry  
Douglass, Domini "Dominie" PVT, 5th CT Regt., Capt., John St. John's Company, Col., Philip Bradley French & Indian War, Revolutionary War
Eddy, Samuel (1743 - 1821) under Capt. Jabez Snow;
SGT, Capt., Abiel Pierce's 2nd Middleborough company of Minutemen
French & Indian;
Goodrich, Abner (1733 - 1826) British Navy French & Indian, Revolution
Goodrich, David (1667 - 1755) CAPT, North Company Queen Anne's, French & Indian, eventually achieving the rank of Colonel.
Lewis, James (1677 - 1766) CAPT  
Nichols, Richard (1739 - )   (1758)
Noble, John (1731 - 1807) Under Capt., John Mosely's Co. at Fort Edward, Washington Co., NY.  
Stephens, Uriah F., Jr. (1761 - 1849)   French & Indian, Revolution
Tilden, Thomas Turner    

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