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Wall of Valor
(Those depicted in purple were lost while in the service of our country)
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War of 1812 (1812 - 1815)
Burdick, Asa (1786 - 1864) 86th Regt.  
Burdick, Thomas Thompson    
Brown, Samuel (1791 - 1877)    
Champlin, Samuel    
Chatfield, Joel PVT, 4th Co., 13th Albany Co., NY Militia  
Cole, Abel Cavalry, appointed by Gov. Morgan Lewis Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant of a troop of 1st Squadron 5th Div. of NY State
Cole, Seth M., Deacon 5th Co., 5th Battalion, New York Militia Fought at the Battle of Sacketts Harbor
Crandall, Aaron    
Goodrich, James (1779 - )    
Goodrich, James (1790 - 1879) ENSIGN, Capt. Jonathan Rowley's Co., Philetus Swift's Regt., Gen. George McLure's Brigade  
Goodrich, John (1783 - 1863) Col. Fleming's Regt. under Winfield Scott  
Goodrich, Josiah (1783 - 1835)    
Horton, Daniel MAJ,  
Johnston, William (1781 - ) Farrington's Regiment, NY Militia - Capt., Harmon Sawyer's Co. of Detached Militia  
Lewis, Nathan Barber COL.  
Maltby, Jacob    
Nash, Aaron   Killed at the Battle of Buffalo (Black Rock), NY.
Nash, Uriah    
Northrop, Elias   Entered the service and never heard from again.
Osborne, Aaron (1793 - 1872)    
Place, Rodman Taylor    
Perry, Matthew Calbraith (1794 - 1858)$ COMMODORE; U.S. Navy  
Perry, Oliver Hazard (1785 - 1819)$ COMMODORE; U.S. Navy U.S. CONGRESS GOLD MEDAL (3 Stat. 141).
Potter, Benjamin (1785 - 1867)    
Robbins, Ephraim (1791 - 1880) PVT, Capt. Benj. Rudd's Co NY Militia  
Robbins, Jehial    
Rodman, Samuel (1795 - 1865) NY Militia  
Shepard, William (1780 - 1815)   January 8, 1815 at the Battle of New Orleans, New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA.
Sherman, Charles (1783- 1844) COL, Militia  
Sisson, Jonathan (1784 - 1857) Aaron Remer's Cav.  
Spencer, Silas (1788 - 1877)    
Spink, Whitman    
Stephens, Jedediah (1757 - 1830) LIEUT., NY Militia  
Stevens Jr., Joseph (1771 - 1843)    
Stilson, Truman    
Towner, Daniel    
Warner, Wait (1761 - 1812)    

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