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Welcome Home
Honoring those who came before us!

††††††††††† Hello I'm Dave, the curator for our homestead. I call myself that because I feel this site belongs to all in our family, I simply maintain it. In fact at the 2009 Betts' family reunion, I was elected "Keeper of the Family Tree", thank you for the HUGE honor! A great many relatives have assisted me in this endeavor by generously providing a wealth of family information! There are far too many to be named here, but I wish to thank each and every one of you! Now, grab yourself a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy your visit! And PLEASE don't feel intimidated as I am not a professional genealogist, I don't even play one on TV.
††††††††††† This site was initiated to advance the research of all family members. So, if you find an ancestor or incorrect information, please e-mail our curator with your corrections, additions or to exchange histories! It is strongly encouraged to attach documentation to back up your statements. Otherwise, your additions/corrections will be taken under advisement and further investigation but will not be implemented. This policy should not be construed as combative as it's merely an attempt at accuracy. More surnames will be added as they are discovered!! New information is always being discovered and added to this site, so visit again and often!!
††††††††††† If you are willing to be the first to share the favor will be returned, promise! If you choose to just take the information placed on our site, you will be doing yourself as well as your research a great disservice. So, go ahead and take a look at the information available here! Hopefully it will make you wonder how much more is available through sharing! Therefore, I strongly urge you to openly share; besides, if research isn't shared what good is it? The bonus to all this is, if we have shared and something happens and your research is lost or damaged, fly me an email and Iíll send you an up to date report of the family (or families) we share! Have you figured out where the name of our site came from yet?
††††††††††† Scanning, then burning things to disk, I have saved practically everything related to my research. Such files include voice recordings of relatives I have interviewed; obits; newspaper articles; photos of people, their homes and graves; legal documents; databases; emails; you name it. This satisfies two needs, the first is to backup our family history as well as other relative's work. The second but most important, is for future generations! Because I don't have anybody to pass this down to, my plans are to have everything shipped to the Mormon Church upon my death. Why the Mormons; because they are huge in genealogy and I know my hard work will be preserved!
††††††††††† We are attempting to create a family network and invite all family members to join. If you're interested, visit our Associate Services page to learn how you can contribute! Yes, HTML challenged relatives are encouraged to participate!
††††††††††† To begin, merely click on the "Ahnentafel" link on the left! If you don't see any links, you can upgrade your browser with one of the following, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (for Windows 10), Mozilla Firefox or Opera; all are absolutely free! And don't forget to watch for camera.gif and folder.jpg to discover additional photos and information!

Now, meet the driving force behind my research and this site!

alt text††††††††††† Aunt Ruth always wanted to start working on our genealogy but never found the time or knew where to start. So, she figured she would get her nephew started on this wonderful adventure! Of course she could not have imagined the monster she was creating. Yes, a living, breathing entity with a life of it's own.
††††††††††† When we started this little field trip, Aunt Ruth said, "This will only be 20 to 30 pages long". She forgot to figure one important factor into the equation . . . me. You see I have the mentality that if I am going to screw something up, I may as well screw it up completely or not do it at all. Aunt Ruth, your estimation was only a little off, you only missed it by a couple of little zeros!!!
††††††††††† After picking her brain completely clean is when things really became interesting! You see I was also trying to teach myself how to operate a computer while researching our families. The headaches of learning the computer were nothing compared to this research. As a full-fledged partner in this work, I would run to her every time I found something she didn't know about a family. She would be disappointed when one of my wild goose chases didn't pan out. On the other hand, when another piece of the puzzle was revealed, she would be equally excited.
††††††††††† Now, if you have been researching the family for very long I am sure you know how it feels when "you know what" hits the fan in your research. Of course, it just so happens you are standing in front of that fan at that exact moment. Upon every such occasion, my silent partner (who turned out not to be so silent) would find these times very amusing. Aunt Ruth would laugh so hard I would begin a new search . . . this time for the mop and bucket.
††††††††††† Without Aunt Ruth none of this would exist, not the research or this site. She has been there through the good times as well as the bad. She has been a person of great strength, love and kindness. I believe she even took great pleasure (at my expense) during the times while I was learning the computer and the air in the room got more than a little blue! Upon reflection, I don't think there is one person I know who doesn't refer to her as "Aunt" Ruth. These are the reasons behind my dedicating this site to her. I just want to say thank you and I love you.
††††††††††† Aunt Ruth would always tell me not to deal with any company which collects other peoples hard work. Because I am such a bonehead, I had to learn the hard way. I didn't listen and provided a lot of my hard work, efforts and time to one such company and have paid the price for it ever since. You see, once you have given them a certain level of information they turn on you in hopes of you just walking away from all of it. That is why I am now in the process of undoing all of my work with them for the last 8 and a half years. I cannot stress hard enough to everybody out there to follow this advise. These so called companies are nothing but leaches which take YOUR hard work, copyrights it then sells it. What else can this be called but stealing. If you wish to use them to obtain things fine, just don't leave them with anything. Remember, they only care about the almighty dollar and couldn't care less about accuracy, honesty or fairness. So, if any of you have had issues with any of these sites, please email me your story so a database of their gestapo tactics can be compiled. If you think I'm joking, visit Find A Grave member's site. Notice how many memorials they have added compared to the number they manage. Notice they don't even have the nerve to accept emails? Can you explain it better than I can???? Remember, YOUR ARE NOT ALONE, I too was called the troublemaker.
††††††††††† During one of our last conversations, Aunt Ruth stated she was tired and wanted to see her father. She said she had prayed to God to take her home, but didn't understand why He hadn't taken her yet. Well Aunt Ruth, your work is finished and you're now in God's care. Please tell everybody I send my love.
††††††††††† Notification was received January 20, 2011 from Chris Jarreau of Louisiana regarding the passing of Ruth T. Osterhoudt. It was revealed that Aunt Ruth had passed from cancer about 8PM on Tuesday, January 18, 2011. Visitation was held Monday, January 24, 2011 at Phillips Funeral Home in Corning, NY, with her burial to be held at a later date due to inclement weather.
††††††††††† I would also like to pay homage to Alex Haley. Mr. Haley's "Roots", is the other driving force behind this research. While in junior high, one of our assignments was to learn what we could about our family and write a report. I asked my mother what she knew and she didn't know much past her grandparents. Then as I watched "Roots" a few years later, it occurred to me that if Alex Haley could learn what he did about his family even with such an obstacle as slavery, I should be able to learn a few things about mine. I even worked with a relative of Mr. Haley's (his name escapes me now) during the original run of "Roots" on TV. He was so kind to tell me many of the same stories depicted in the mini series. I wish it would have occurred to me what a treasure I was being given so those oral histories could have been preserved for future generations. I can only hope the descendants of Kunta Kinte are still passing their family history down to the next generations! Mr. Haley, thank you for the sometimes frustrating, often tiring but always an interesting journey which you encouraged all of us to undertake! I hope I have lived up to your expectations and this body of work makes you proud!
††††††††††† Of course, the greatest praise must go to my Lord and Savior because without Him, nothing is possible!
††††††††††† Now, let's make this world a better place to live . . . PAY IT FORWARD. Just imagine, if you did a favor for somebody, then they did a favor and so on; what a better place this world would be! It doesn't have to cost you a cent, just being a blessing to somebody is priceless! So, be a blessing . . . TODAY AND EVERY DAY!
††††††††††† Hope to see you again very soon! Oh, just one more thing . . . Darwin and Hawking, get a clue! And may I add, God's NOT dead!

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