John Betts
JOHN BETTS (Alexander2, Robert1) was born in Bearsted, Kent England and died August 8, 1620 in West Peckham, Kent, England. He married MARY BIGGE December 26, 1600 in Bearsted, Kent, England.
Notes for JOHN BETTS:
  • Christened: August 23, 1576, Bearsted, Kent, England.
  • Burial: August 8, 1620, Bearsted, Kent, England.
  • Probate: Will Proved August 20, 1620.
  • The Betts family crest of Preston Hall, Kent, England is described as follows: Out of the battlements, of a tower proper with two crossed spears in the background, a stag's head argent (silver) charged with a cinquefoil sable.
  • Family motto: Ostendo non ostento, translation: I show, not boast.
  • Children of JOHN BETTS and MARY BIGGE:
    1. JOHN BETTS, b. West Peckham, Kent England; d. May 3, 1638 at sea; m. MARY ?; b. England; d. July 19, 1647, Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut.
      • Notes for JOHN BETTS:
        • Burial: at sea enroute to Massachusetts.
        Note of Interest for JOHN BETTS and MARY ?:
    2. ALEXANDER BETTS, b. West Peckham, Kent England; d. August 25, 1605, West Peckham, Kent England.
      • Notes for ALEXANDER BETTS:
        • Christened: December 18, 1603. West Peckham, Kent, England.
        • Burial: West Peckham, Kent, England.
    3. WILLIAM BETTS, b. West Peckham, Kent, England; d. September 6, 1607, West Peckham, Kent, England.
      • Notes for WILLIAM BETTS:
        • Burial: September 6, 1607, West Peckham, Kent, England.
    4. MARY BETTS.
        Notes for MARY BETTS:
        • Christened: March 28, 1610, West Peckham, Kent, England.
    5. ROBERT BETTS, b. 1612, West Peckham, Kent, England; m. MARGARET TOPLEY May 21, 1639, Harrietsham, Kent, England; daughter of Thomas Topley and ?; b. Harrietsham, Kent, England.
        Notes for ROBERT BETTS:
        • Immigration: 1634 with his brother Thomas.
        Notes for MARGARET TOPLEY:
        • Christened: 1609, Hothfield, Kent, England.
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