Hannah Reed
HANNAH REED (William1) was born 1637 in Weymouth, Norfolk County, Massachusetts and died 1695. She married NICHOLAS WHITMARSH December 2, 1658 in Weymouth, Norfolk County, Massachusetts.
  1. DEBORAH WHITMARSH, b. August 13, 1659, Weymouth, Norfolk County, Massachusetts; m. NICHOLAS SHAW 1686.
  2. HANNAH WHITMARSH, b. March 25, 1661, Norfolk County, Massachusetts; m. JOHN SHAW.
  3. JANE WHITMARSH, b. April 8, 1664, Weymouth, Norfolk County, Massachusetts.
  4. SAMUEL WHITMARSH, b. October 27, 1665, Weymouth, Norfolk County, Massachusetts; d. 1718, Dighton, Bristol County, Massachusetts; m. HANNAH PRATT, daughter of Matthew Pratt and Sarah Hung; b. 1670; d. 1718.
  5. SUSANNA WHITMARSH, b. January 18, 1667, Weymouth, Norfolk County, Massachusetts.
  6. SARAH WHITMARSH, b. 1669.
  7. NICHOLAS WHITMARSH, b. August 21, 1673, Weymouth, Norfolk County, Massachusetts; m. Mercy Reed, b. Weymouth, Norfolk County, Massachusetts; d. February 7, 1738, Abington, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.
  8. JOHN WHITMARSH, b. 1675.
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