George Walmer
GEORGE WALMER (Peter2, Peter1) was born February 29, 1776 in East Hanover, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania and died November 21, 1849. He married MARIA CATHERINE BARTHOLOMEW.
  • Also reported as George David Walmer; David George Walmer.
  • Alternate Death: 1851.
  • Baptism: November 25, 1776, Sponsors: Peter Reueber and Barbara ?.
  • Occupation: Farmer.
    1. PETER WALMER, b. 1799 Dauphin County, Pennsylania; d. 1855; m. ANNA LUCE.
    2. DAVID WALMER, b. Septembe 15, 1798, Susquehenna, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania; d. August 11, 1883 Fremont, Steuben County, Pennsylania; m. BARBARA GERBERICH March 16, 1822; b. July 28, 1796 East Hanover, Dauphin County, Pennsylania; d. September 5, 1888 Linglestown, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.
      • Notes for DAVID WALMER:
        • Occupation: Weaver.
    3. CATHERINE WALMER, b. January 9, 1880; d. February 3, 1858 Dunnstable, Clinton County, Pennsylvania; m. PHILLIP SHAFFER 1820; b. December 21, 1793 Clinton County, Pennsylvania; d. September 20, 1860 Dunnstable, Clinton County, Pennsylvania.
      • Notes for CATHERINE WALMER:
        • Burial: Shaffer Family Cemetery, Woolrich, Clinton Co., PA.
        Notes for PHILLIP SHAFFER:
        • Alternate Birth: Mifflin Co., PA.
        • Alternate Death: Chathams Run, Clinton Co., PA.
        • Occupation: Farmer.
        • Burial: Shaffer Family Cemetery, Woolrich, Clinton Co., PA.
    4. ELIZABETH WALMER, b. October 21, 1801 Pennsylvania; d. February 3, 1858 Hublersburg, Centre County, Pennsylvania; m. WENDELL BARTHOLOMEW, son of Adam Bartholomew and Catherine E. ?; 1820 Pennsylania; b. July 22, 1796 Monseytown Flats, Clinton County, Pennsylania; d. September 2, 1857 Hulersburg, Centre County, Pennsylvania.
      • Notes for ELIABETH WALMER:
        • Baptism: June 2, 1802 Shoops Reformed Church, W. Hanover, Dauphin Co., PA.
        • Cause of Death: Heart Disease.
        • Burial: Snydertown Cmetery, Walker, Centre Co., PA.
    6. BARBARA WALMER, b. Pennsylvania; d. Muscatine Muscatine County, Iowa; m. JOHN JACOB HENZIE, b. December 8, 1811; d. December 6, 1889 Iowa.
    8. MARGARET WALMER, b. 1809 Pennsylvania; d. June 2, 1895; m. CHRISTIAN (WISE?) WEISS; b. Calw, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany; d. 1895 Pennsylvania.
      • Notes for CHRISTIAN (WISE?) WEISS:
        • Occupation: Farmer.
    9. EVE WALMER, b. Pennsylvania; m. AUGUSTUS G. SCHULTZ, REV.; b. Poland.
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