Anne Capen
ANNE CAPEN (Preserved3, John2, Bernard1) was born May 9, 1703 in Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. She married EBENEZER WISWALL November 30, 1721 in Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. Children of ANNA CAPEN and EBENEZER WISWALL:
  2. SAMUEL WISWALL, b. October 3, 1734, Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts; d. September 23, 1809, Townshend, Windham County, Vermont; m. SARAH DYER, July 18, 1759, Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts, daughter of Joseph Dyer and Mary Loring; b. July 1, 1738, Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts; d. November 9, 1829, Townshend, Windham County, Vermont.
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