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            Here are some helpful suggestions that could save you a great deal of time, headaches and heartache. These are merely suggestions which I PROMISE to have heartwrenching reasons for presenting here. They may not mean anything to you right now but they may come back to bite you in the future which I truly hope they don't! More will be added as as they present themselves so check back often.

  • . . . keep up the good work and don't let others discourage you with such nonsense as "who cares about it anyway".
  • . . . remember quantity is NOT what's important, accuracy is! If this is ignored the integrity of your hard work will be seriously compromised. Isn't this too high a price to pay?
  • . . . regularly go through your genelogy file with a fine tooth comb to be certain you don't have duplicates and that all info is correct. Remember in the future your work will be scrutinized for acccuracy and attention to detail.
  • . . . remember to look at your research with fresh eyes. Somebody reading your work may not understand your abbreviations so don't use them. Abbreviations may cause others to create errors from their interpretation of your work so please be precise in your data entry! As an example, always use "county" because the name of a county may also be the name of a city, but the city may not be in the county of the same name. So, always include "county" to greatly help in the alleviation of confusion.
  • . . . document as much of your research as humanly possible. Remember to keep copies of your records, digital copies take up much less space than hard copies.
  • . . . keep backups of you work. Your computer can turn on you with the crashing of you hard drive or accidental deletion. The installation of new software can go through your hard work like a hot knife through butter. So, I strongly encourage you to backup your work and store seperately from your computer every day!

  • . . . assume, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING. When assumptions turns out to be false, they'll have to be removed. Besides, if it isn't fact, you're just propagating misinformation, not to mention all of your precious time lost on wild goose chases.
  • . . . differentiate two or more people with the same name by Sr., Jr. or III because back in the day, they didn't mean the same as they do today unless this suffix can be supported with documentation. See The Meaning and Connotations of Junior and Senior. Of course, peerage is a different matter all together.
  • . . . speculate on possible family members, dates, locations, etc. as this will only propagate misinformation. Besides, one day you may have to remove it due to storage and/or memory constraints.
  • . . . merge another file with yours. ALWAYS input new data manually to prevent errors, duplications and speculation due to unnecessary data being added to your file.
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