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(Gracie's Family Tree Genealogy's Best - no longer available) February 23, 1998
"You have done an excellent job with yours, it looks very professional, and everything is so right at your fingertips so to speak."
(Ancestry Connections Award - no longer available) May 20, 1998
"I am pleased to present you with the Ancestry Connections Award, for your contributions to genealogy."
(Preserving Our Family History Award - no longer available) May 21, 1998
"One cannot apply for this award. It is an award that I have chosen to give to your site because: You have decided to preserve your family history on the internet, you are willing to share you information with others, your surnames are easy to find, you page loaded quickly, the layout is easy to follow."
(Genealogy Is My Hobby Award - no longer available) June 10, 1998
"I have reviewed your page and have found it an excellent resource for Online Genealogy, and am pleased to present you with my "Excellence in Genealogy" Award!"