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(Morning Star's Award Program) March 18, 2013
"Congratulations! You are the first winner for 2013 and I found your website to be in excellent order. I thank you for sharing your website with MSAP and applying for the award.
Morning Star
Morning Star’s Award Program
(JerryD's Site Award Program) February 18, 2013 (AS 4.0, WebsAward 5.0)
Hi Dave,
Congratulations! Your site - Ancestral Archives - has been accepted as a winner of JerryD's Bronze Award.
We were impressed with your site as a great contribution to the internet. Your site has nice graphics and wonderful navigation. Our awards are not easy to win so keep up the great work.
We hope you accept our award and link back to us, it is not a requirement, but would be appreciated.
Congratulations! again and have a nice day.
Best Regards
Lupe's Award Program July 12, 2013 (F.R.I. 3.0)
Dear friend Dave,
You have created a nice and pleasant space in the internet and Lupe's Awards is pleased to grant to you its Bronze Award. Receive our sincere congratulations!
Please receive the Lupe's Awards Friends Award too, in signal of my friendship:
Thank you for apply for Lupe's Awards!
Best regards,
Lupércio "Lupe" Mundim
Lupe's Awards owner
Lupe's Award Program