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(Timelines Awards) February 15, 2010 (AS! 4.5; USWAG 5; WebAwards 5; AWARD 5; WSAPTRONIC 6)
thank you for your award application and inviting me to visit your site.
I enjoyed surfing through your pages.

Congratulations, the evaluator team of Timelines Award Program is proud to award your site with Timelines Silver Award.
Thank you for giving the World Wide Web such a beautiful site.

With best wishes,
Friedrich Hornischer
Timelines Awards
CLL Website Awards May 5, 2010 (AS! 4.0 W3CAR - UWSAG 4 SOA Participant - WA 4.0 - AWARD 4.5 - BEI 8.0)
I'm pleased to announce, that your site "Ancestral Archives" is a Merit Award winner of my "CLL Website Awards". Also, thank you very much for inviting me to evaluate your excellent site with so wide content of genealogical database of 27 generations, illustrated richly, and with a clear and exhaustive navigation. Pages are proper-sized with high consistency. Backgrounds, fonts and graphics are well selected lending support to a harmonious whole. In its entirety your site is very pleasant to visit.

With best regards,
Juhani Kerkkonen
(Diskus Award Program - no longer available) September 11, 2010 (WebAwards 5; USWAG 6; Horus-Award-Index 6; Web-Award-Rating-Index 6; WSAPTRONIC 6; O.A.I. 6; Awards 5)
For the sake of his dear aunt Ruth revertet Dave Lehmann to ancestral traits. The work would be 20-30 pages long, she said. He let himself into it. But he could not know scarcely that his travel through time into the past would never end. Dave arrived on his crazy journey at least to the 13th Century, meeting as ancestrals some kings of England and France, earls, barons and lords. Not everyone is granted to show such noble ancestors.
You can follow him on his website, astonished about his almost endless energy.
With great joy we honor Dave’s "Insanity“ with our Diskus Award in Bronze ID. 334. Congratulations!

Friendly greeting.
Dieter and Team
France 06.09.2010
((KISS) Website Awards December 27, 2010
Dear Webmaster:
You have an outstanding website that meets our award criteria! Quite frankly, no matter how often it happens, we are always a little amazed when a site actually meets our requirements. Our requirements of "simplicity" and "elegance" are harder to achieve than many might suppose.

Congratulations, and thank you for adding a great site to the web!
J. R. Martin, Keepitsimplestu...(KISS) Websites Designer