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They Live Again Genealogy Award - No Longer Available) May 20, 2002
"Please accept the attached Genealogy Excellence Award from They Live Again for the dual effort of researching genealogy AND putting together a web site to share information with your visitors."
(Journey of the Heart Award - No longer available) May 28, 2002
"Because your genealogy site shows the love and hard work you have put into searching your history, and helping others with theirs, we are pleased to award you our Journey of the Heart Award."
(Golden Web Award) June 7, 2002
"Congratulations! Dave Lehman's Genealogy Center has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2002-2003 Golden Web Award."
(Leith Hutton's Genealogy Homepage Award of Award - no longer available) June 19, 2002
"I enjoyed visiting your site; you have clearly put a substantial amount of time and effort into the research of your family and this is evident in the amount of information you have available. Your site is well presented and simple to navigate. Keep up the great work!"
(Life Span Genealogy Award - no loger available) August 1, 2002
"Congratulations! Your site has been given the LifeSpan Genealogy Award. Your site is an excellent example of fine genealogy. You have worked hard and have earned this award through your work and diligence in the genealogy field."