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Ancestral Archives Network Administrator Dave Lehman view site Dave Lehman
Rose's Ahnentafel Family Administrator Rose Lehman view site Dave Lehman
  Family Administrator ADOPT! Elizabeth Ann Sisson Dave Lehman
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  Family Administrator ADOPT! Prudence Churchill Dave Lehman
  Family Administrator ADOPT! Mary Elizabeth Butterworth Dave Lehman
  Family Administrator ADOPT! Sampson Mason Dave Lehman

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            Here are relatives who are willing to assist you if you have any questions or even if you are HTML challenged and would like to participate in this network. Just click on a name and request their help (A name followed by "(P)" denotes their ability to scan photos and documents). If you are able to assist others in coding their pages or the scanning of photos and documents, please submit our HTML Assistance Form.
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Resources for ordering Government Military Markers
National Archives NATF 86
Order Online
Online Requests
Fee: $30.00
Some fees may apply, you will be notified.
U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs VA40-1330 Fax: (800) 455-7143 NO additional government or shipping fees!

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