Sarah Howard
SARAH HOWARD (John3, James2, James1) was born June 10, 1826 in Holme Woods, Yorkshire, England and died September 24, 1892, Emporium, Cameron County, Pennsylvania. She married GEORGE KAYE in , Yorkshire, England. Notes for SARAH HOWARD:
  • Alternate Birth: May 9, 1826 (Michael J. Gibbs).
  • Immigration: Arrived from Lancashire, England in New York on August 23, 1870 aboard the "City of Brussels".
  • Burial: Wildwood (Mound) Cemetery, Williamsport, Lycoming Co., PA.
  • Children of SARAH HOWARD and GEORGE KAYE:
    1. WILLIAM HENRY KAYE, b. September 1846, England; m. ANNIE ?; b. January 1857, Pennsylvania.
    2. BENJAMIN KAYE, b. 1849, England; d. 1925, Delph, England.
    3. FREDERICK K. KAYE, b.October 26, 1852, England; d. October 29, 1946, Pennsylvania.
    4. HANNAH KAYE, b. 1858, England; d. 1884, Pennsylvania; m. WILLIAM GEURNSEY.
    5. JOSEPH W. KAYE.
    6. LAURA R. KAYE, b. March 1863, England; d. 1935, Pennsylvania; m. THOMAS F. CRAVEN, 1888; b. December 1863, New Jersey.
    7. GEORGE HOWARD KAYE, b. July 1, 1868, Holme Woods, Yorkshire, England; d. April 9, 1951, Arlington, Snohomish County, Washington; m. ELLEN F. SLAGENWHITE March 17, 1889, Pennsylvania; daughter of Jacob Slagenwhite and Jane Osborn; b. November 4, 1868, Montoursville, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania; d. January 22, 1949, Arlington, Snohomish County, Washington.
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