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ELIZABETH "BETTIE" LORD (Robert2, James1) was born October 1860 in England and died in Pennsylvania. She married JOSEPH W. KAYE, SR. October 21, 1880 in Pennsylvania. Children of ELIZABETH "BETTIE" LORD and JOSEPH W. KAYE, SR.:
  1. MARTHA KAYE, b. May 1881, Pennsylvania; d. June 7, 1937, Gallup, McKinley County, New Mexico; m. JAMES LESTER NORIE, December 25, 1900, Cameron County, Pennsylvania, son of John Waddle Norie and Caroline ?; b. 1879, Renovo, Clinton County, Pennsylvania; d. 1965, Bellevue, King County, Washington.
  2. CHARLES ELMER KAYE, b. July 13, 1883, Williamsport, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania; d. 1958, Emporium, Cameron County, Pennsylvania; m. (1) ELIZABETH ANNA GRITTNER, September 25, 1902, Cameron County, Pennsylvania; b. September 9, 1881, St. Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri; d. November 1, 1976, Monroe, Snohomish County, Washington; (2) HELEN ?, b. 1887; d. 1968.
  4. JANE K. KAYE, b. March 1888, Pennsylvania; d. December 23, 1971, Arlington, Snohomish County, Washington; m. EDWIN MEADE FLOYD, September 25, 1907, Emporium, Cameron County, Pennsylvania, son of Edwin Floyd and Florence Meade; b. December 15, 1885, Pennsylvania; d. October 23, 1974, Arlington, Snohomish County, Washington.
  5. ROBERT LORD KAYE, SR., b. October 22, 1891, Emporium, Cameron County, Pennsylvania; d. March 31, 1991, Barberton, Summit County, Ohio; m. GLADYS VIRGINIA LLOYD, October 22, 1913, Emporium, Cameron County, Pennsylvania, daughter of Harry Summerfield Lloyd and Sallie Bargelt; b. June 9, 1893, Pennsylvania; d. May 1965, Emporium, Cameron County, Pennsylvania.
  6. JOSEPH W. KAYE, JR., b. January 20, 1894, Pennsylvania; d. February 1978, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania; m. TRESSIA SINBECK, April 25, 1915, Emporium, Cameron County, Pennsylvania, daughter of Edward Sinbeck and Mary W. Morris; b. September 1894, Clermont, McKean County, Pennsylvania.
  7. MAYNARD CLYDE KAYE, b. December 3, 1894, Cameron County, Pennsylvania; d. January 15, 1897, Emporium, Cameron County, Pennsylvania.
  8. (?) KAYE, b. February 1, 1896, Emporium, Cameron County, Pennsylvania.
  9. MARY ELIZABETH KAYE, b. November 4, 1896, Emporium, Cameron County, Pennsylvania; d. young, Emporium, Cameron County, Pennsylvania.
  10. SARAH HOWARD KAYE, b. May 20, 1901, Emporium, Cameron County, Pennsylvania; d. June 30, 1926; m. DR. W. H. BURROWS.
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